Communicate Openly With Confidence & Respect

Communicate Openly With Confidence and Respect

Great communication is vital to our success! Open dialogue between employees, teams, departments – and especially customers – is crucial. Therefore it’s our goal to be great communicators. How we share information with each other is also important:  we expect everyone to be respectful, honest and open at all times! It shows that you are interested and that you care. There is great truth in the following axiom: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Communicate Openly

In other words, communicate proactively. We all desire to be “in the know” but how easy we forget to share information ourselves! We must consider the ripple effect of our decisions and activities. Everything we do has the potential to affect another person, team, department or the customer.  That is why it’s important to take the initiative to share information, teach others – and if necessary – take the communication further. Communicating well is a foundational element of our culture at Clickstop. We must be great at it and we will when we all contribute!

Don’t limit yourself by limiting which areas you believe you should communicate. A good example is letting your manager know where your interests lie, or where you want to go with your career. Managers:  you need to be asking for this info, too!

Be Confident

All of us can learn to be confident communicators, as we are the experts in our area. Confidence is an interesting trait – it tends to multiply itself! Confidence inspires others to be confident in you and also themselves. We need that!

Be Respectful

Communicating respectfully is a non-negotiable, written-in-stone trait that all Clickstoppers must have. Being respectful to customers is a given, and is where we tend to focus. However, being respectful to our teammates is just as important. You build relationships when you’re a good communicator, and the more quality relationships you have, the better we are as a company! That translates into more/better opportunities for your advancement.

In Summary

There is a wealth of information out there about being a better communicator. The message I want you to remember is that you don’t need a book or an expert to be good at it! Simply be proactive, confident and respectful and you’ll be doing 90% of the job!

For you overachievers out there, here’s a great article with 10 tips to be an even better communicator.

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