The Clickstop Code

The Clickstop Code is a series of behaviors that we believe can be seen in our people as a result of living out our core values.  These behaviors are what drive great outcomes at Clickstop.

Make progress towards your dreams and goals every day.

Pursue perfection, acknowledging that it can’t be attained, but that along the way you will achieve excellence. Be courageous and accept that it won’t be easy; great achievements never are.
Be your best self – never settle. Prepare for what’s next, even if it’s not yet on the horizon; your preparation might be the reason it becomes possible. Be strong. Embrace feedback as it will only make you better. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Do the hard things. Speak the truth. Be wise and compassionate. Make time to think beyond limits. Don’t make excuses. Encourage others and compliment generously. Be humble. Be honest. Forgive. Learn new skills. Laugh. Have fun. Have a positive outlook. Be grateful.


You respectfully say what you think even if it is controversial.
You lobby for your ideas, but seek consensus and resolution for the sake of progress.
You tactfully question actions that are inconsistent with our core values.
You embrace constructive criticism, and respectfully provide honest feedback to others.
You take well thought out, educated risks and own their success or failure.
You contribute effectively outside of your area of expertise.

You seek to understand our strategy, market, customers and suppliers.
You understand the ripple effect of your decisions/actions on profitability.
You pursue new ideas and effectively communicate their significance.
You are aware of how your job performance directly impacts our customers.
You use hard data and facts to validate theories before making recommendations.

You have a can-do attitude and avoid analysis paralysis.
You accomplish amazing amounts of important, relevant work on time.
You consistently perform at high levels so your team can rely on you.
You focus on great results rather than blindly following systems or processes.
You responsibly complete tasks on time before handing off to other team members.
You see what needs to be done and take ownership to make it happen.

You inspire greatness in others with your expectation of excellence.
You care intensely about Clickstop’s success and make time to celebrate wins.
You have an optimistic, hopeful view of the future.
You believe in and trust the people you work with.
You consistently offer encouragement to your teammates.

You clearly articulate what you are, and are not, trying to do.
You wisely separate what must be done well now and what can be improved later.
You make tough decisions without second guessing them.
You re-imagine situations to discover best solutions to challenges.
You approach decisions regarding people, tactics and business objectively.

You are a great listener and ask thoughtful questions to help you better understand.
You seek to understand the perspective or position of peers and managers.
You are concise and articulate in your communication, written and spoken.
You treat people with respect at all times even when they disagree with you.
You remain calm, communicable and approachable in stressful situations.
You wisely seek other’s experience and intellect to find the best solutions to complex problems.

Your coworkers and managers know you to be reliable, honest and trustworthy.
You have an honest awareness of yourself, your relationships and your performance.
You are aware of how your attitude and emotions affect those around you.
You don’t offer excuses, and you don’t accept them.
You make time to reflect on your past performance, learning, improving and growing from it.
You know your strengths, and those of your team, and utilize them in your work.

You collaborate and proactively share information.
You adapt quickly to changes in company structure, market trends, technology, etc.
You minimize complexity and find ways to simplify processes, keeping us nimble.
You see challenges as opportunities and prepare for what’s next.
You cultivate relationships with coworkers, management, vendors and customers.
You recognize when opportunities occur and take ownership on them.

You learn rapidly and eagerly, and stay flexible in your approach and findings.
You question existing methods and recommend better approaches when necessary.
You look for alternative solutions by asking, Why? What if? How?
You get beyond treating symptoms and suggesting “band-aid” fixes.
You look for ways to learn and improve so that you can contribute at a higher level.