Our Spaces

Bing Miller Lane

Once upon a time, a few folks started in a small office space just outside of Urbana. One new hire led to another, and well, pretty soon we’d bumped out into some of the warehouse space in order to accommodate our growing customer service staff. An additional warehouse was built next to the office for inventory and fulfillment. And then we repeated ourselves, this time adding more folks to our marketing staff. And very quickly, people space and breathing room was at a premium. All of this was taking place in the span of about three years.

Clickstop Inc., Bing Miller Location

Blue Creek Drive

In 2010, the wheels started turning on plans to put down our roots on a roomy nine acre lot just down the road. We all couldn’t help but have the “Build it and they will come…” line from the movie “Field of Dreams” in our heads as the new facility progressed along in the middle of a cornfield. Perhaps because our current building was situated on a lane named after local farm boy-turned-baseball legend Bing Miller, it seemed like destiny.

In March 2011 we all moved into our brand new $2.5 million dollar, 35,000 sq. ft. facility on Blue Creek drive, boasting 12,500 sq. feet for the office area and 22,500 sq. feet for warehousing and fulfillment.
202 Blue Creek Drive

Heck, we even have our own street named after us now. Clickstop Ave. street sign image

Everywhere you look it’s fresh and modern, just like our team. Our awesome amenities include:

Roomy workspace. Our main work floor is full of natural light, modern desks and wi-fi access everywhere you go (useful for those of us addicted to our iPads and iPhones).

Photo studio. With the wide array of products we sell, photographs are key to making sure a customer sees exactly what they’re getting. We built our own photo studio in the facility where we shoot everything from d-rings to storage furniture.

Conference areas. We believe strongly in collaboration, so our single folding table has been replaced with three conference rooms, each equipped with a wide screen TV and skype to include our remote employees. We call them the War Room, the Fun Room, and Conference Room 1 (don’t ask how it got a boring name).

Patio pergola area. This sunny spot is the perfect place for a morning department meeting, a fun lunch gathering at noon, a game of bags to shake off an afternoon slump, a company cook-out on a summer night, even some snowman building in the winter. Grill, picnic tables, bags board, frisbees, snow, and fresh country air provided.

snowClickstop cafe.  You really can’t call this space a break room, just add a jazz trio and you’d be instantly transported to a trendy cafe in this space with our stylish lighting and seating. It comes equipped with a full kitchen that occasionally produces fresh, hot cookies, and meal offerings through our healthy food program. To enjoy the outdoors on beautiful Iowa days we also have a patio area and grill.

Fitness facility. When you need a brain break during the day a workout is a great way to clear your head, we have a fitness facility with cardio machines, weight sets, and a video system to entertain you during your workout. Or take it outside, our office is just a quick hop away from the Cedar Valley Nature trail or walk ‘around the block’ in the industrial park. Afterwards hit the shower and clean up.

579157_10151573761047329_1188752724_nGame room.  Pool table? Check. Ping pong table? Check. A place for a little friendly competition between co-workers? Absolutely! This popular hangout is always evolving, with the most recent addition being a floor to ceiling Clickstop logo to liven the place up even more.

Customer entrance.  Although we do a lot of business online, that doesn’t mean our door isn’t always open to our local customers. We have a special entrance just for them where we can take and fulfill orders as needed. If you live nearby and want to save shipping costs on your next order, call in and let us know you want to pick it up.


Blue Creek Drive, Part II

Just 16 short months after moving into the new facility, the old problem of running out of warehouse space began to reappear. By summer 2012, a new addition to the warehouse (nearly 43,000 square feet!) was going up and was completed by the end of the year. There is talk now of an office expansion in the future as well, since we’ve nearly doubled in staff in just two years.

new warehouse

At this rate, we’ll need another street named after us very soon: Growth Boulevard?