How Google Works – A Clickstop Book Club Read

How Google Works – A Clickstop Book Club Read

We love to learn how other cool companies operate:  how they hire, how they communicate, how they make decisions. Why not learn from the best search company in the world?

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Make Progress Toward Your Dreams and Goals Every Day

The Clickstop Code defines how we want to work, organizationally, communally and personally. We believe in dreaming big and setting goals to help us make them a reality. This is who we are.

Pursue perfection, acknowledging that it can’t be attained, but that along the way you will achieve excellence. Be courageous and accept that it won’t be easy; great achievements never are.

Be your best self – never settle. Prepare for what’s next, even if it’s not yet on the horizon; your preparation might be the reason it becomes possible. Be strong. Embrace feedback as it will only make you better. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Do the hard things. Speak the truth. Be wise and compassionate. Make time to think beyond limits. Don’t make excuses. Encourage others and compliment generously. Be humble. Be honest. Forgive. Learn new skills. Laugh! Have fun. Have a positive outlook. Be grateful.