Clickstop Culture Not a Fad or Phase

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Culture isn’t a buzzword at Clickstop. It’s the company’s competitive advantage.

Clickstop has been recognized several years in a row for its unique atmosphere and workplace values, including being named the overall Coolest Place to Work in the Corridor in 2014. The company’s culture isn’t a fad or phase, it’s a long-term investment.

“Culture is something you have to continuously consider and never allow to become complacent,” Clickstop Founder and CEO Tim Guenther said. “Continuous improvement of our culture is an essential part of our strategy and identity.”

Guenther started the company in 2005, selling ratchet straps and other cargo control equipment on the website, Since then, the company has grown from a consumer website to an industry leader with a soaring business-to-business customer base.

In addition to US Cargo Control, Clickstop operates several other brands from its headquarters in Urbana. Products range from fasteners ( to insulation ( and plastic storage containers ( and

In the last decade, Clickstop has experienced rapid growth. It began with only one employee, and has since grown to more than 120. Guenther credits much of the company’s success to its talented team.

“Part of our strategy involves attracting high-performing people and placing them in a positive environment where they can accomplish their professional goals while still balancing their personal lives,” he said.

For many employees, that philosophy is what makes Clickstop extraordinary.

Employee Sarah Meinders appreciates that at Clickstop, it’s about the people. Each day, employees work to better the company while improving themselves at the same time. Meinders says she’s never worked anywhere where employees play such a vital role in shaping the company.

“Clickstop is more than just a job, it’s a place where people truly care about their own success and future and the success of those around them,” Meinders explained. “You are not a number at Clickstop, your ideas and opinions matter, and it is your responsibility to drive your own success here.”

Part of that success involves celebrating big wins as a team. A gong sounds off several times each day to mark a large sale. That loud vibration carries throughout the entire building, and is immediately followed by celebratory cheers, whistles and noise-makers from fellow team members. For employee Adam Shouse, that continual support is what he loves most about his job.

“Nobody is ever too busy to stop and help a peer who has a question or needs help,” Shouse explained. “We are all one big team working toward the same common goal and that makes working here special.”

On top of a positive setting and team approach, Clickstop also supports a strong work-life balance.

Employee Ashley Rambo says working for Clickstop has been life-changing. As a mother of three young boys, Rambo can balance being there for her children without having to sacrifice her own career ambitions.

“Having a balanced life doesn’t mean I can’t have a career,” Rambo said. “I don’t feel like I have to choose between my success and my family, and that is such a relief.”

Clickstop initiatives are also in place for those with a desire to better themselves on a more personal level. People can take advantage of nutritious meal options, free fruit and onsite workout facilities, as well as tuition assistance to further their education goals.

Employees are also encouraged to participate in a variety of company clubs and initiatives, ranging from an outdoor gardening group to volunteering for a favorite charity or even the company’s own nonprofit organization, Clickstop Cares.

“The people of Clickstop are who they are, and most of the time that means they are quirky, crazy, funny, wonderful human beings who would do anything for their fellow co-workers or members of their community,” employee Allen DeHeck said.

When it comes down to it, company leaders believe allowing people to become the best version of themselves will translate into success in all facets of their lives – including their work.

“At Clickstop, we want our employees to work-hard, but we also want them to feel fulfilled,” Guenther said. “Those values have driven our past success, and will guide us into the future.”


Clickstop Unveils Plans for $6M Company Expansion

This week, Clickstop announced plans for a multi-million dollar expansion that will bring an estimated 100 new jobs to the area by the end of 2018.

Company Founder and CEO Tim Guenther unveiled his preliminary plans when Iowa Economic Development Authority Director Debi Durham came to tour the Urbana based company on Wednesday, June 17. Durham visited Benton County as part of a local economic event hosted by the Benton Development Group. Her visit to Clickstop was just one stop as she sought to better understand the needs of businesses in rural Iowa.

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Clickstop owns and operates several brands out of at its two facilities in Urbana. The company serves diverse markets ranging from the moving and cargo control industries (, to energy efficient insulation (, fasteners ( and home storage solutions ( &

Clickstop is experiencing rapid growth. This is the company’s second building expansion since opening its Blue Creek Drive office in 2011. In the past decade, Clickstop has surged from a handful of employees to more than 120. Two years ago, the company began manufacturing tie-down products for its flagship brand US Cargo Control. Since then, the brand’s customer base, product lines and manufacturing sector have boomed.

Recent Iowa Workforce Development numbers show a decline of 3,200 manufacturing positions from March to April of this year. Clickstop is bucking that trend as it added a second manufacturing shift in January 2015 and is still hiring to date. With plans to break ground on the 53,080 sq. ft. expansion in September, the company’s capabilities will increase with a larger office, manufacturing space and room for additional employees. About half of the projected jobs added will work in manufacturing.

“We are extremely fortunate to have experienced such success in a short amount of time and we know our location in Urbana and the resources available here have helped us along the way,” Guenther said. “This announcement is positive for Clickstop, our local communities and Iowa’s economy.”

Watch the video below to see the announcement made by Clickstop Founder & CEO Tim Guenther.

Video by Amy Hummel

Lunch While You Learn or As We Say Lunch-N-Learn

Lunch-N-Learn.   That may be a new term to you – unless you work at Clickstop.

Lunch-N-Learn events are just what they sound like. Grab your lunch, sit among your co-workers and learn about a subject, hobby or organization that sparks your interest.

Clickstop makes it a priority to give employees opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Lunch-N-Learn sessions are one of many resources available to educate employees about activities and organizations available outside of work. Guests have included medical experts on stress management and digestion to organizations like Junior Achievement, and today’s speaker, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Clickstop has also invited its own employees to talk and teach about their passions. Sara loves to garden and taught us how to grow plants and vegetables. As a result, Clickstop planted a garden on site. Joe is always up for a game of disc golf and wanted to share his knowledge of the sport with his coworkers. Now, Clickstop has a disc chain set on company grounds were workers can enjoy the fresh air and a little competition during their breaks. I have even taken advantage of this opportunity. I talked to the company about an event near and dear to me – RAGBRAI. My co-workers learned about training methods and what to expect during the hot, summer bicycle ride that takes you across the state of Iowa.

This program is great because it opens people up to new opportunities.  All you have to do is eat your lunch and listen – it really doesn’t get much easier than that.

— By Amy Hummel, Clickstop Employee

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