Join Clickstop Employees in the Fight Against Diabetes!

Join Clickstop Employees in the Fight Against Diabetes!

One of the most amazing things about Clickstop employees is their unwavering commitment to help a good cause. Whether it is buying Christmas gifts for a family in need, supporting the graduates who have achieved so much despite obstacles in their way, cleaning up the ditches in the spring and fall to beautify our little corner of the world, or coming together to show a fellow employee that they matter. Clickstop employees are the BEST. If you have not visited our company and experienced it first hand, you are missing out because it is truly amazing what we can do together.

Yesterday was a prime example of Clickstop employees stepping up to support a good cause.

Diabetes Fact Sheet

Earlier this year, Joe and I (this is Amy, btw) decided to form a Clickstop team for the Tour De Cure, hosted by the American Diabetes Association. Their mission, to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all those with diabetes.  So, in order to raise money to help find a cure, the Tour De Cure was formed. People across the United States can sign up to ride their bicycle, raising money for the cause. Diabetes affects the lives of millions of people. So if Joe and I are able to ride our bikes and raise money for a good cause, we are in.

So we formed a team and decided to throw a spaghetti lunch and bake sale.

(yes, we know… bake sale and diabetes do not really go well together.)

All Clickstop employees were able to have a plate of spaghetti, salad with all the fixings, and a slice of garlic bread for $6.00. Baked goods were up for grabs for $2.00 a piece. Joe made some wonderful crunchy cookie bars, I made my famous lemon cupcakes and some Special K bars, and Lacy donated a chocolate cake with some amazing vanilla frosting. (It is a secret family recipe). We also had some items up for grabs in a silent auction.

Remember when I said that Clickstop employees always step up?

THEY STEPPED UP. The support we felt was amazing. The bistro was full the entire lunch hour with employees enjoying their spaghetti and salad. The baked goods quickly sold out, and we had some nice bids on the silent auction items. We had employees donate their time (Lacy with the wonderful cake and Debbie helped Joe and I prepare the meal. THANKS!) and we even had some much appreciated free will donations. A few employees brought in their family members to enjoy the food and company of this incredible team.

All together, we made $603.01!


WOW! We are so excited.

So now, on June 24, Joe and I are going to gear up and ride the 50 mile route in the Tour De Cure. That gives us plenty of time to practice. And with the support we feel from our coworkers and friends, 50 miles is going to be a walk in the park.

And we want YOU to join our team!

Our team is supporting the American Diabetes Association because we want to make a difference. We want to lead. We want to inspire. We want to empower! We want everyone to have what we get in our lives everyday. The ability to Make Time for Fun and Family. The ability and support to Promote a Winning Team Spirit. We want you to feel Greatness in Yourself, and Inspire it in Others. And most of all, we are motivated to Think Big and Make it Happen. Join our team, meet some great people on the ride, and have some serious fun.

Join our biking team or donate to the cause here. 

Find out a little bit more about Joe and me below!

How long have you been into biking?

My dad was into biking for a long time while I was growing up. I never really got into it until after I graduated college. But once I started getting serious about biking, I was hooked! It has been about 10 years since I started biking seriously, and hope to do it for the rest of my life. – Joe

Around 10 years ago RAGBRAI came through my hometown. I remember driving around with my mom and dad to check things out and I told my dad that I would love to do that some time. Dad was excited, mom thought we were nuts. The next year he bought a bike and started riding. I wasn’t working for a company that gave me much vacation time so I couldn’t join him right away, but six years ago (almost exactly a month before I started at Clickstop) I rode in my first RAGBRAI and have been riding ever since. I get to hang out with my dad and two brothers a lot during the biking season. We all love it. – Amy

What types of rides do you usually participate in?

We haven’t participated in many rides since my brother and I started having kids, but we have participated in TOMRV (Tour of the Mississippi River Valley) which is a two day back to back century ride, traveling from Davenport to Dubuque on day one, then back the next. We have also ridden RAGBRAI several times in the past, but I have not been in a couple years. I am looking forward to getting back into it! -Joe

This year will be my 6th RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). I LOVE it so much. There is nothing like getting up at 5am and hoping on your bike and enjoying Iowa. Plus, It is usually the hottest week of the year and I love the hot weather.  I also usually ride in RASH ride, which is a 50 mile bike ride around Buchanan County. My dad and I have ridden the Lake to Lake ride a few times and the Sturgis Falls ride as well. And of course, just riding all weekend long and after work too. -Amy

Why did you decide to be a part of the Clickstop team for the Tour De Cure?

I have been wanting to get back into organized rides and this was a great opportunity for that, while supporting a great cause. My grandmother lived with diabetes for many years before she passed away, and after watching her struggle with the disease, I thought it would be a great legacy for her to participate in an event that raises money to combat the disease. – Joe

Last year my dad, mom, aunt, and I went to Texas so my dad and I could participate in the BP MS 150 – a bike ride that raised money for MS. It felt good to ride for a cause. We had a great time with family, but it made me really appreciate the exciting and incredibly friendly rides right here in Iowa. So when this ride came up, I decided to go for it. It is a good cause, and my brother-in-law has diabetes so it feels good to help a cause that impacts his life everyday. – Amy

Clickstop employees donated a lot of money to the cause. What does that mean to you?

This means a lot because I was worried about being able to raise our team contribution on my own. Clickstoppers always come out in a big way to support causes in the community and events that their fellow Clickstoppers are passionate about. We would not have been able to do this without the support of our friends and family at Clickstop. Thank you everyone for participating in our fundraiser! – Joe

Everyone at Clickstop knows that I love riding my bike, so to feel so much support for my hobby is amazing. Then add on the fact that they would help raise money for a cause that affects so many people, it is just amazing. What a great group of people. -Amy

Why is it important to you to ride for a cause such as this?

Events like this help raise money and support causes that would otherwise not get the kind of attention and fundraising that is needed to combat ailments that do not have a cure. I am supporting this event as a tribute to my grandmother who struggled for many years of her life, and hope to support a cure for others who are still struggling with diabetes. – Joe

I love being able to be physical to help raise money. I feel like I can help out a good cause, while promoting activities such as biking (or running!). – Amy

Why is it a good idea to join the Clickstop team?

It will be a fun way to get together outside of work and support a great cause! – Joe

The more the merrier! I know a big bike ride can seem intimidating to some people, but there are multiple ride options. A 25 mile ride, a 50 mile ride, or even a 100 mile ride. Any biking level can join and still have fun. Plus, you will get to hang out with some really cool people, meet some of the friendliest individuals on two wheels, and  you will be supporting research that could bring on the cure for diabetes. Join us! You will not regret it! -Amy

Clickstop’s Chili Cook Off was a hit!

Clickstop’s Chili Cook Off was a hit!

Last week Clickstop got to experience one of the most delicious days of the year, our annual Chili Cook Off!

Six employees entered the competition, their sights set on the coveted traveling trophies. Even though only six employees entered this year, we still had some incredible chili to judge. As soon as lunch time hit, employees swarmed the Bistro, ready to taste test each, deciding on which was the best in each categories. The categories included Best Original, Best Spicy, and Best Unique. Luckily, we had 2 in each category, though one, a Spicy Chicken Chili, was a spicy/original hybrid. Cheese, sour cream, and Fritos were available to top everything off. And we also had some cornbread made by our Chef, Zach. A perfect addition, and a nice neutral treat that came in handy between the spicier entries. Thanks Zach!

After a few hours of a constant flow of people testing out the Chili and picking their favorites, the votes were counted and the winners were crowned! The winners were…

Jamie – Best Spicy
Danee – Best Unique  (Second year running!)
Tammy – Best Traditional

We want to thank all of the individuals who entered into the competition. They were all amazing, it was definitely difficult to pick the winners!


Make Time for Fun & Family with our Expecting Moms!

Make Time for Fun & Family with our Expecting Moms!

Life is crazy. One minute you are living your normal day-to-day life. You get up, shower, eat some breakfast, and you are off to work.  The next minute you are celebrating a big event, or making a big move, going on vacation, or maybe just spending the day relaxing. At Clickstop, we want every employee, and each family member of our employees, to feel secure in the knowledge that life happens. We want our employees to work hard and play hard at Clickstop and at home. That is why one of our core values is Make Time for Fun & Family.

In our company history, we have made this core value a showcase of our company culture. And it is just as important today as it has ever been. At Clickstop, we currently have 6 expecting moms! SIX!!! We also have 2 gentlemen that have wives that are expecting. And there are two ladies out on maternity leave at the moment. Whew… LOTS OF BABIES! So we wanted to ask the expecting moms of Clickstop about Make Time for Fun & Family.

Clickstop's Expecting Moms

From left to right… Rachel, Tammy, Bri, Sarah, and Sara are all expecting! And they look beautiful!


Dream Big! Scholarship

Introducing…Clickstop’s Dream Big! Scholarship

Clickstop believes in continuous learning and this spring we’re launching a scholarship program to support local students.  We’ll be awarding four $500 scholarships to students interested in continuing their education beyond high school.

Who is eligible? 

  • High School juniors or seniors
  • Attending Vinton-Shellsburg, Center Point-Urbana High School OR If not attending VS or CPU – you must be a Clickstop employee or the child of a Clickstop employee to be eligible
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7

 How can students apply for the Dream Big! scholarship?

  • Students may apply online by completing an application on our website
  • Deadline to apply is March 31, 2017

When will scholarships be awarded?

  • Applications open today!
  • Deadline to apply March 31
  • Clickstop Team meets to determine scholarship recipients April 6
  • Dream Big! Scholarship recipients announced April 14


All you need to do is apply! Within our scholarship application, we want to know what your future plans are and the goals you have for your future. We want to know about your principles and how they align with Clickstop’s Core Values and Code. And of course, we want to know a lot about you as a person! What do you do to support the community? What extracurricular activities are you involved in? And importantly… how do you enjoy life? It is that simple!  We encourage you to apply now!

To learn more about Clickstop, our Core Values, and Code Behaviors, feel free to explore our website or ask questions! We love to hear from our followers.

Employees Compete in the 2017 Winter Olympics

Employees Compete in the 2017 Winter Olympics

Clickstoppers competed in the annual Clickstop Winter Olympics last week.

And let me tell you, it was a really fun event. All Clickstop employees were invited to form teams of four and compete in four separate Olympic events. We had 8 teams compete.

Team USA – Nick, Carson, Nate, and James
Team Antarctica – Chris, Jake, Troy, and Seth
Team Germany – Lacy, Eric, Brennan, and Sean
Team Norway – Jenny, Jamie, Dale, and Grant
Team Italy – Whitney, Harley, Alicia, and Brenda
Team Ireland – Jon, Phil, Leilani, and Kara
Team Seychelles – Tom, Tammy, Monica, and Scott
Team North Korea – Cody, Cory, Zach, and Casey

The Olympic events were all things that any fitness level could do.

However, unfortunately for us, there really wasn’t anything to do outside because we were lacking the most important part of the Winter games… the snow. In the past, we have done snow digs, writing in the snow with water guns, sled pulls, and other fun activities. But since we have had a mild winter (no complaints here!) the Thrive committee had to get creative. So all of our events were held in the low traffic area of the warehouse, and we tried to make them as fun as possible, sans snow.


The Clickstop Book Club – The Speed of Trust

The Clickstop Book Club – The Speed of Trust

When it comes to trust, there is no greater impact for a customer, employee or company.

Trust is what allows us to easily and quickly do business with someone, work through obstacles and commit our efforts to a cause. We will not follow those who we do not trust. We will get more done quickly if trust is established at the beginning of a relationship. This is the concept that the book “The Speed of Trust” is based on and what a few Clickstoppers have been reading. Our goal is to understand the complexity of trusting someone and being trusted.

‘There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organization, nation, economy, and civilization through the world – one thing which, if removed will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership. the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love.

On the other hand, if developed and leveraged, that one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life. Yet, it is the least understood, most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time.

That one thing is trust.’  -Stephen M.R. Covey

The Speed of Trust

The Speed of Trust