Introducing Monica, People Enthusiast

Introducing Monica, People Enthusiast

By Monica S.

“Most people have the strange conviction that life is to be lived timidly and cautiously, but I say it’s the middle of the road where you get killed – it’s on the edges that good things happen.”  In many ways, this is my motto. I’m not sure exactly who said it to me (or where I found it), but it has stuck with me for years.

I’m Monica and I work in Culture & Communications at Clickstop.  Check out my name tag (and don’t miss that “attitudes are contagious” sticker in the bottom left).Monica-MyDesk3

I’m going to be telling stories of how we work (our culture) on this blog. I’ll be capturing what it’s like to have a career at Clickstop and help you understand what it takes to create great workplace culture. All our writing on this blog is an ongoing study of what’s right with culture and people instead of what is wrong with them.

My job here is to improve internal communications and provide support to our people so that they can effectively accomplish our mission (to be sustainable, enjoyable and opportunistic) and live out our code and core values. In short, the Culture & Communications team helps drive, recognize and draw out greatness in others. It’s pretty awesome.

I am part-designer-part-data-junkie.  I love beautifying anything and everything. I’m attracted to bright colors and mixing sleek design with eclectic patterns.  I’m a self-described non-conformist.  The only sure way to fail is to become what already exists, right? There’s no excuse not to shake up an industry and revolutionize the way things are done.  It’s what we’re doing here at Clickstop every day.

I’m the creator of Clickstop’s career accelerator program (Clickstart), I manage (including this blog), produce our internal magazine, shoot and edit some Clickstop video (specifically, our job posting videos on our careers page), share the responsibility of our social sites, and aid in keeping our people’s strengths top-of-mind through strengths based development. Gallup, Google and the Adobe Creative Cloud are some of my best friends.

I can’t wait to share my story and the story of Clickstop with you. It’s going to be an interesting journey.

I’ll leave you with this, “The day before something is a breakthrough it’s just a crazy idea.” – Peter Diamandis

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Monica Steffeck, Culture  & Communications Project Manager at Clickstop Inc

Monica – Culture & Communications Project Manager at Clickstop Inc