Clickstop IS a Cool Place to Work!

Another year and we are named a Cool Place to Work… AGAIN!

The Corridor Business Journal has been hosting this event since 2013, and Clickstop has landed on the list each year. Any company in the corridor can be nominated. Once the company is nominated, surveys are sent to the employees to complete anonymously. At least 50% of the employees need to participate in the survey to be considered. The best part about this process and this event, is that our own employees who are here everyday are naming Clickstop a Cool Place to Work. And it feels great.

So why does Clickstop decide to take part in this event each year? It is not just for the trophy (though we do like adding to our display). The information we learn from our employees is essential in building and growing a fantastic work environment. Being named a “Cool” company means nothing if you do not take that feedback from employees – good or bad – and use it to improve the workplace. And that is what we do, which is why you can see us on the list so many times.

Clickstop wants to grow and create opportunity for everyone who is seeking it.  The chance to grow, the opportunity to be part of something bigger, and the ability to use your strengths and your expertise in your work is exactly what Clickstop is all about.  Our employees enjoy coming to work, and as a company we strive to make that true for everyone here.  Sound great? Check out our careers page – we would love to hear from you.

Finally, one other really great thing about taking part in the Coolest Places to Work event… we get to make a new awesome video to represent our company. So here it is! Enjoy!


Q2 Communicate Openly Award Winner Announced!

Q2 Communicate Openly Award Winner Announced!

At Clickstop we love to recognize each other for doing great things, including living by the core values. We love seeing our co-workers step up to the plate and hold each other accountable for being the best versions of themselves.  In Q2 Summer Smith joined Rhonda as a winner of the Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect core value award.

Summer started at Clickstop just over 1.5 years ago on the Talent Enrichment team. When she started at Clickstop she worked on a little bit of everything – from engagement, to awards, and even the healthy food program. As her time at Clickstop has progressed, she has moved her focus to Community, helping grow Fuel, care for our facilities, and digging into our building expansion. Through all of her projects and initiatives, she always has had the core values top of mind, including Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect.

“Core values help define what is important to us as a company.” said Summer. “They keep everyone striving to be better and they help us see how to be great. Also, and arguably most importantly, the core values are tools to achieve great things. They guide us in how we accomplish all that we do.”

Monica, the CTEO at Clickstop, agrees with Summer completely.

“Every company has values in place whether they talk about them or not. I think it is important to name your values because it connects people to who you are and the greatest version of how you want to work as an organization. Our values are the drivers of our work style and they’re a code of conduct in how we treat each other. Without values, I think we would have a hard time coaching one another and holding each other to the high standards we have a Clickstop.” said Monica. “The most important part is that we live them. Without action and living them out, they’re just another set of words. We should never lower our expectation of greatness in living each out and must quickly recognize where we’re falling short and work hard to correct and seek excellence.”

So we asked Summer and Monica a set of questions about the core values and what they mean to Clickstop. Check out their answers!

Tell me about opportunity at Clickstop.

“There is so much opportunity here it is insane! It is important that we all speak up about what interests us and what we are passionate about. It is the best way for everyone to develop into roles that fit themselves. Fuel has been a huge opportunity and continues to be. Everyone involved has had the opportunity to Think Big, learn and grow, and create something new and exciting. It has been so fun to be involved and I cannot wait to see the growth that is going to happen in the next few years.” – Summer

What is your favorite part about working at Clickstop?

“How cliche is it if I say the people? It is the truth though. There isn’t one person who I wouldn’t want to stop and catch up with, or go out to lunch with. They are all so great! And everyone is so hardworking, they all want what is best for the company. They each bring individual strengths to the table.” – Summer

“The people and the impact we’re making. I truly love what I get to do and the people I get to do it with. We’re not just building a profitable company, we’re building a workplace that cares about people and that we all care about in return. Creating exceptional culture is up to every single person and I love that this philosophy is understood at Clickstop. The teammates I’ve met at Clickstop have grown into many close friendships and I feel fortunate to have become a better person as a result of working alongside them. I think the people here have helped me (and patiently waited for me) as I’ve slowly become a kinder, more patient and better person. I wouldn’t be where I am without the people around me at work and I can’t express how grateful I am for that.  Improving business skills and know-how is fun and enjoyable but it’s been ten times more fulfilling to improve as a person alongside so many people with such high expectations who really do care about me.” – Monica

How do you relate to the core value Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect?

“Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect is something I relate to because I really used to struggle with it (and sometimes still do). Through coaching from many of my leaders and peers, I have learned to be courageous in my communication. We move fast here. The only way to move as fast as we do is to live out this value.” – Summer

What advice do you give to others who want to embrace the core value Communicate Openly?

“Say the hard things. Give feedback when you have it, even if it wasn’t asked for. Be clear, be concise, and be respectful.” – Summer

What are your major goals at Clickstop? How are you going to make it happen?

“There are lots of goals that I have! I want to continue to grow the community team. I want Clickstop’s facilities and grounds to create an energy that is felt by everyone. Produce a profit from Fuel through external customers and be able to provide healthy food options to the surrounding communities. I want to grow the well-being of all employees at Clickstop through many different programs and initiatives.” – Summer

Monica put it all together perfectly when explaining why Summer was a great recipient for this award.

“Summer has demonstrated in this value and many others in the way she works with those around her. She expects greatness in herself and she inspires greatness in others in her communication. She’s confidently communicates expectations of our values and respectfully holds others and herself accountable to these.  She seeks out meaningful input and perspective from others to improve herself and perseveres through difficulty by communicating effectively. She does a great job challenging herself and those around her through her communication and leaves audiences feeling supported and convicted in their shortcomings.”

Check out the video here!


Congratulations Summer!

Q2 Make Time For Fun and Family Award Winner

Quarter 2 of 2017 is in the books and with it comes a new round of Quarterly Core Value Award Winners!

One of the most important things that makes Clickstop what it is, is our commitment to who we are outside of work. The people, places, and hobbies that make us who we are. While at work, our friends and family are still very much a part of us , and we know the importance of making time for those things that make us happiest. That is why we have the core value Make Time for Fun and Family.  Our Quarter 2 award winner for this value really takes it to heart, and that person is Sarah Meinders.

Sarah has been with Clickstop for over six years and has taken on many roles at Clickstop. She started in merchandising, has spear headed our 3rd party channel efforts, has been in leadership, and is currently focusing her efforts on user experience for US Cargo Control. She has taken advantage of many of the opportunities at Clickstop by communicating openly and honestly with her leader. The core values have helped her balance her career, and seek out opportunities.

“Core values clearly outline who we are as a company and how we work.” said Sarah’s leader, Matt Mitchell. Matt has been with Clickstop for 4 years. “It gives every employee an understanding of how they’re expected to work and it fuels our culture, which in turn fuels our success as a company.”

So we wanted to ask Sarah a bit about her experiences at Clickstop. Check out her answers!

What is your favorite part about working at Clickstop?

The PEOPLE. Secondly, the work itself. I like getting to make a big impact with the work that I do.

Why is it important for a company to have core values in place?

People know what is expected of them when they have core values to hold themselves accountable to. Core values also unify employees and help recruit the right team members to join the Clickstop family.

How do you relate to the core value Make Time for Fun & Family?

We all have lives outside of the Clickstop walls, so don’t let yourself be torn between work and personal. It is all intertwined. Find something you are passionate about, work hard, and have fun doing it. When you’re bought in to the bigger picture of Clickstop, your day to day work becomes much more fulfilling. When you’re more fulfilled at work, you become more fulfilled in your whole life and it carries through to being a better spouse, parent, friend, and coworker.

What advice do you give to others who might be struggling to find balance with work and fun/family?

Evaluate your personal and work life and understand your priorities and goals. Priorities and goals change and that is okay. The key is communicating those changes with your leader when they arise and finding a solution that is fulfilling for you and your life. That’s what is so great about this place, your career is not put in a box, but it is up to you to drive changes forward.

What are your major goals at Clickstop? Where do you see yourself in five years?

My major goal is to make the biggest impact I can each and every day. I am not sure exactly what I will be doing at Clickstop, but in five years I know I will still be working here.


Everyone was very excited to see Sarah was honored with this award. Matt could especially see how she has embraced this core value.

“Everything changed for Sarah when she had her first child, Kalan. Her priorities shifted as a new mom and you could see it. She does an awesome job of getting her work done, managing her schedule, and still making time for her family. When she had her second child, Malea, she came back from maternity leave energized and jumped right back into her work, adding an immediate impact to the team. Overall, she’s a great example of the work life balance we promote at Clickstop.”

Finally, Sarah summed it all up perfectly…

“We work at an amazing company with amazing people, so take advantage of it and make your mark here. This is just the beginning!”

Congratulations Sarah!

Gratitude Makes a Splash at Clickstop!

I recently read an article about gratitude. In this article, the author talked about gratitude exercises; spending five minutes a day to think about or write about what you are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be big and earth shattering. Your gratitude can simply be for the cup of coffee you had this morning. It can be about the new band you found that gets you jamming on the way to work. Whatever made you smile, laugh, or just put you in a great mood. Think about those things and reflect on them. What about it made you feel good? How can you bring that back into your life each day and share your experiences with others?

A simple exercise like this can truly change you.

At Clickstop, we love showing our gratitude for each other and for things in our lives.

For the last few weeks, employees had the chance to come to the media room and do a quick video showing appreciation for one or many of their co-workers. And even though many people are completely intimidated by the video camera, we had a good 30 or so people participate. Employees from every team came to express their gratitude towards the many hard-working, dedicated friends they have right here.  Being behind the camera capturing these moments is exciting. Not only does it give me a daily dose of gratitude, but reaffirms the reasons I have chosen Clickstop as my career.

Last week we tied all of our gratitude together into one big celebration.  For the afternoon, employees came outside to try to dunk a leadership team member in a dunk tank! Employees who recognized someone automatically earned a softball and anyone else could purchase softballs – all of the money going towards Clickstop Cares. We had basketball and bags games going throughout the day and Peppy’s Ice Cream even came to help everyone battle the heat.  The day was a success and left everyone feeling refreshed and ready to conquer another week!

So if you ever need a pick-me-up in the middle of your day, just pause for a few minutes and think of the things you are grateful for. Let it soak into you and refresh your mind. Trust us, it is worth it.

Tracking Clickstop’s Pulse

Communicate: To share or exchange information, news, or ideas.

Openly: Without concealment, deception, or prevarication, especially where these might be expected; frankly or honestly.

Confidence: The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

We take our core values seriously at Clickstop, and Communicating Openly with Confidence and Respect helps keep the entire company moving in the right direction.

Communicating Openly with Confidence and Respect is an expectation at Clickstop, but is also second nature to all who work here. We all work so well together, it just happens, though doesn’t make it any less important. In order for us to improve as teammates, as individuals, and as a company, we have to hold ourselves accountable to great communication. We are always seeking to improve and grow, and through this core value, and efforts made by individuals throughout the company, we are hoping to do just that.

One person who has been running a program to get good and timely communication and feedback from employees is Britni Graham. Britni is our Talent & Engagement Specialist and has been with the company for 4 years. For almost a year, Britni has been conducting Pulse Surveys for our company. The Pulse Surveys are set up to… well, take Clickstop’s pulse! We want employees to have a way to anonymously give feedback around various topics. We then use that information provided by employees to strengthen or adjust things throughout the company.

Britni gave us a closer look into the processes and goals of the Pulse Surveys. Check it out!

Tell me about your role at Clickstop.

“I work to get out and promote Clickstop. I conduct phone interviews; screen resumes and partner with company leaeders to make hiring decisions that are highly aligned with Clickstop and our Core Values. I drive strategy for the development of high employee engagement and programs that support those initiatives; with this I am responsible for the development, organization, and administration of gathering the pulse of employee engagement and quantifying that information for the company as a whole.”

Why did Clickstop start doing Pulse Surveys?

“I had identified a need for the company to have real-time feedback. Our current avenues for this served the company well when it was smaller, but as we grow we need to ensure that our efforts to connect people and make them feel heard and appreciated are held in the highest regard. This is a way to connect leadership and the entire company with what employees are thinking, feeling, and perceiving.”

What type of information are we trying to find out?

“We want the good and the constructive. We want to promote open communication about various topics from company safety efforts to satisfaction with company leadership.”

How does Clickstop use the results?

“Leaders and contributors alike are given the results. We set an expectation of open and transparent communication, so all in the company can see how any individual team is doing. Putting the information into action is an expectation. Leadership uses their report to discuss themes that occur on teams; sometimes this can mean something needs to happen or a course needs to be adjusted because what is discovered.”

What are your overall goals when conducting these surveys?

“To embrace and cultivate a culture of open feedback. When people feel heard and connected, levels of engagement go up. A highly engaged workforce means that people have both an emotional and professional connection to their work and the organization. Clickstop works very hard to hire great people, and we have a responsibility as a company to create an environment that fosters everything that we stand for in our Core Values.”

Pick a Core Value and explain how it ties into the Pulse Surveys.

“I have two in mind. Communicate Openly with Confidence and Respect – None of what we do here or plan on doing in the future would be possible without sharing what we know, what we think, and what ideas we have. Personally, I am driven by Be Adventurous, Embrace and DRIVE CHANGE – specifically driving change. I am always eager to see the impact in what I am involved in. I am committed to making Clickstop even better than it is today.”

Where do you see Clickstop in 5 years? How do the Pulse Surveys help get us there?

I see Clickstop at least doubled in size, with the possibility of other locations. If this is the case, we will have the task of ensuring all are heard and connected. We have to set ourselves up with a sustainable program that keeps what is important to the experts that we hire, top of mind for the company.  Pulse can play a huge part in the future of Clickstop.


As you can see, Clickstop has programs and people in place to keep the company moving forward.  Pulse Surveys will continue to help us improve our processes, keep employees engaged, and help bring forward the best possible Clickstop.

Sean Waters: Promoting Team Spirit at Clickstop

Sean Waters: Promoting Team Spirit at Clickstop

Today we continue our core value blog series with our California boy, Sean Waters.

Sean joins Wesley, who showed us what Making Time for Fun and Family was all about; Rhonda, who knows the importance of Communicating Openly with Confidence and Respect; and Justin, who Expects Greatness in Himself and Inspires it in Others. Sean is easy to spot at Clickstop because he is the poster child of our core value Promote a Winning Team Spirit.

Core Value - Promote a Winning Team Spirit - Award Winner Sean Waters

Sean started at Clickstop almost 2 years ago after moving to Iowa from California.  Since the day he walked through the doors at Clickstop, he has truly embraced the culture, the people, and the work. Sean is a sales specialist on the Bing team, where he helps customers and supports our Eco Foil, Fasteners Plus, Space Savers, and Just Plastic Boxes brands.

“Sean brings energy and positivity with him every day,” said the Bing General Manager Tammy Karr. “He cares deeply about the spirit of the team and will go above and beyond to make sure everyone at Clickstop is having fun while at work. He definitely makes our team energy AWESOME! Each of us brings different strengths to the team and Sean owns and embraces his strengths to make the team successful.”

The core values are our foundation and building blocks. They propel us towards meeting our mission statement. Sean understands the importance and knows the core values influence each and every one of us to be better, in turn making the company better. “Believing in our company and leadership gives me the motivation and excitement to drive a winning team spirit in all others. It’s very exciting thinking about where this company came from and where it is going. Just thinking of this gets me pumped and drives me to creating a fun and entertaining work place. Being able to put smiles on people’s faces is what it is all about. A happy smiling face is contagious, and I feel people are more productive when they are in good spirits.”

Tammy definitely agrees with Sean and sees the core values in action through Sean daily. “Whether it be on Thrive, filling the need of an additional board member for Clickstop Cares, motivating us in the gym, or recognizing when someone needs a smile put on their face, you can count on Sean to jump in and make a difference. And let’s be real. Have you ever met anyone with so much energy?”

Reflecting on being the first ever recipient of the Core Value Award for Promoting a Winning Team Spirit, Sean thinks of the dad from A Christmas Story. “It is amazing, a true honor. I won my own leg lamp!”

Finally, Sean encourages everyone to stay positive and motivated. Embrace the core value by talking with as many people throughout the day as possible. Send funny, positive memes or messages through email, or just make sure everyone knows they are valued.

Congratulations on this “Major Award” Sean! It is well deserved!