We are getting close! Clickstop Expansion Update

We are getting close! Clickstop Expansion Update

The Clickstop expansion is so close to being complete, we can barely stand it.

Everyday as employees drive into the parking lot, we can see the progress being made. Siding is going up on the building today. Construction workers are continually coming in and out, and (as annoying as this is) alarms keep being set off as things are being tested and adjusted. But we all know that annoying drone of the alarms just means we are getting that much closer… right?!?

So, it has been awhile since we have shared a photo update. Check out the progress for yourself!

The Exterior

The Exterior

First, let’s take a look at the outside of the building. If you have driven past on 380, you have probably noticed some of the construction. Well here it is from a different angle. On the right hand side, the grey part of the building is some of the office space and conference rooms. The windowed side of the red section is the new Clickstop gym. Directly below this space is the new training room. The font part is the grand room and pub area. Behind all of that is also the rest of the office space and more conference rooms. As you can see from the left side of the photo, the expansion really dwarfs the old part of the building!

Now let’s take a look inside…

Second Floor common space

Second Floor common space

This is probably my favorite view in the whole building, and you can definitely see why! Impressive! The open space below is the Grand Room. The orange, blue, and green rooms are conference rooms. The room with the glass front on the right is the Skybox. The Skybox is where interviewees will come and talk to us about their potentially exciting new career. We love how open and modern this all feels. Can you believe this is in the middle of Urbana?!

The staircase in the atrium.

The staircase in the atrium.

If you come visit us, you will notices wonderful touches to tie everything together. The re-purposed wood is tied in throughout the building, from the staircase, to the plant boxes on the ground, to the railing on the upper floor. The stage has the same wood, as does the pub floor.

The Grand Room stage has re-purposed wood and 9 flat screen televisions that combine to make one awesome display.

The Grand Room Stage

Here is the incredible stage. This is going to be the setting for all of our company meetings, rock star awards, and possible future talent shows. The floor, though in need of a good cleaning now, is stained concrete. As you can see, there is a TON of natural lighting throughout the building. This space will be filled with seating and will be an excellent space for employees to meet, eat lunch, or even have special gatherings after work.

So now, let’s turn the camera around and check out the pub.

Now this is what we call awesome. The Pub is going to be another great place for meetings, lunch, or just hanging out. When you walk into the space, you notice the rich colors, the beautiful wood floors, and soon there will be custom tables and booths. This space is wired so you can hear exactly what is happening on stage. We are completely in love with how this is coming together.

There you have it. This will more than likely be the LAST expansion update until we have it all put together and furniture in place. We have lots of cleaning to do, touch ups to finish, and LOTS of furniture to piece together, but we are getting there. Soon the building will be filled with Clickstop employees enjoying the extra space, collaborating in conference rooms, and enjoying lunch from our custom kitchen. So check back soon and we will hopefully have a finished building to show off!


Clickstop Building Construction Update

Clickstop Building Construction Update

We are getting SO CLOSE to being completed with our building expansion.

So close!

But no matter how close it is, there is still a lot of work that is happening right now. We can hear the construction throughout the building, smell the sometimes not so pleasant smells, and see changes happening every day. Dare I say the count down has begun? Maybe not quite yet, but I can barely contain my excitement. So let’s dive right in and show you some of the most recent changes!


The kitchen construction is really coming together!

The kitchen with a full service counter.

The kitchen wall has opened up to the bistro.

As you can see, the equipment is almost completely installed in the kitchen. Chef Zach is truly counting down the days to occupancy.  On the left is the salad and soup bar, the right is the full service line, and if we were to do a 180, you would see the beverage bar, and a (healthy) dessert bar. This space will lead out to the grand room, or if you went through the brand new opening (that area in the center that is in plastic) you will be in our current bistro.

Right now, the space smells dusty and drywally (is that even a word?) but soon we will be smelling hot soups, freshly grilled lunches, healthy sides.


The Pub is taking shape!

This is looking so cool! At the end of our grand room, there will be a pub! If you look carefully, you can see where the booths will be going in along the back wall of the space. There will be windows all around, and a really dark, moody, atmosphere within. This will be a great space for socializing, eating lunch, or even to have team meetings. This is a really unique feature of the building we are excited about.

You will also notice some stairs in the upper left hand corner of the photos, outside of the pub walls. The construction on the stairs started last week. This is our second set of stairs leading to the second floor. There is also an elevator that was installed as well.


The Grand Room stage is almost complete!

This is looking so cool, and is one of the things that I get excited to see finishing touches happen on during construction. As you can see, we have this cool wood plank around the TV wall on the stage. That wood has been tied into the steps leading up to the stage, the outside of the sky box, and the railing along the second floor.

With that big wall of tvs, and the audio being wired throughout, employees will be able to sit upstairs or down on the main floor during meetings.

There will be a lot of natural lighting throughout the building.

As you can see, the natural lighting really brightens up the space, even in the areas with darker walls. In the left hand picture, you can see the side of the sky box on the left. The right hand picture shows the hall to the locker rooms, therapy room, game room, laundry room, and the new Technology space. Outside of the photo frame to the right, is the atrium, which also lets in a ton of light.


Did someone say Therapy room? I thought this was a top workplace?!

The therapy room has a nice calming grey color to help relax employees.

The therapy room has a nice calming grey color to help relax employees.

Yep! You heard right, a therapy room! But this therapy room is going to be mainly used for massages! Every month Clickstop has a massage therapist on site so employees can purchase 15 or 30 minute massages. Nothing says relax and be happy like this in the middle of the day! We currently have to do these in a conference room, which is in a high traffic area. Not that relaxing! This space will be perfect for those moments of deep relaxation. Additionally, it will double as a room that we can do wellness exams or weigh ins during our thrive competitions!


Speaking of wellness, the gym floor is being installed!

The last time you saw the gym, it was a bit of a mess. Well look at it now! The gym floor is being installed and soon it will be in its final stages of completion! Although we really appreciate that we have had a small workout facility the past five years at Clickstop, we are anxiously awaiting this larger, ventilated, and non-carpeted area to work out in. We LOVE that Clickstop looks out for our physical well-being!


Holy Smokes! THAT is what we call a patio!

The giant patio has been poured.

The GIANT patio has been poured. Now we just need grass instead of all that mud!

Looking out the gym windows, you will notice a LOT of mud. But look closer, there is a slab of cement out there! That is our new patio! Wait. Strike that. This is our new MASSIVE patio! I can already see employees enjoying their lunch outside, competing in wellness activities, playing bags, and even shooting some hoops. Who knows exactly how we will utilize this space, but the options are endless!

So there you have it, a quick look at our construction progress. Make sure to check back in the next few weeks to see even more finishing touches!

Clickstop Building Expansion Construction Update

So much can change in just a few short months!

Have you seen our building expansion construction lately? From the outside, not much has changed except the addition of a fresh thick layer of snow. But on the inside, we have made quite a bit of progress! From drywall and doorways, to carpet, flooring and lighting, things are really taking shape. We are expecting to make the big move sometime in April, fingers crossed. But for now, we can just wander over to the building and take photos for all to see. Check it out!


Let’s start with a few areas you may have already seen.

The ground floor of the building has been in various stages of construction for awhile. The main office area and offices are pretty much complete. In fact, a few of the rooms already have furniture and will soon have the finishing touches, such as photos and plants. Mitch has been hard at work putting together the furniture one room at a time. As you can see, there are five or so rooms that have pieces of furniture together.  Shout out to Mitch for his hard work, and shout out to Ben and Leslie for making sure to sit on every chair when they were shopping for our furniture. So far, everything is quite comfortable! Our behinds say thanks!

Up Next… The Locker Rooms and Lactation Room

One of the many great things about the new space; there will be plenty of restrooms and locker rooms. Before our expansion started, we only had a ladies and men’s room, one unisex restroom in the warehouse, and two restrooms with showers in the fitness area. And with over 100 employees, we needed more! Well, now we have it! The manufacturing space has their own nice restrooms. The new office space will have another set of restrooms. There will be a set of locker rooms with three private shower stalls, and even be a private lactation room for the new mothers. In case you missed it, we are expecting 8 new little ones in our extended Clickstop family! Check out the blog post here!

Kitchen, Grand Room, and Pub

Chef Zach is getting excited as construction continues! The floor of the kitchen was laid last week. This week, different pieces of the kitchen are being installed. He will soon be out of our bistro and into a real Chef’s Kitchen! We are excited as well, since we miss eating his delicious soups and warm meals. The kitchen is going to have a prep space in the back, a separate room for the freezers and refrigeration, a large area for dishes and cleaning, and a large walk through space with a serving counter, salad bar, beverage station and much more.

When you walk out of the kitchen space, you will walk into the grand room. The grand room will have seating for everyone to enjoy their lunch. At the front of the room is a stage and TV wall for company wide meetings. In the back of the room is our pub. Booth seating and atmosphere! You can enjoy  your lunch in this room, have meetings, or just take a quick break from your day! Though there is a lot of construction that still needs to happen, but with a little imagination, you can see Clickstoppers gathering.


Media Room, Game Room, and Gym

These three rooms might be three of the most anticipated spaces! (Well, two of them at least. I am a bit biased on the Media room since I am the videographer.) So let’s start with the Media Room. Long gone will be the days of the cramped tornado shelter! Yep, that is where the media room used to be! At least I knew the cameras were safe during bad weather. Once construction is finished and we move into this space, there will be a separate room for photography. The Media Room will be spacious and have room for growth.

The Game Room… I do not know how else to explain this room other than massive! This room is quite exciting to see come together. We have plans to paint murals on the walls. There will be plenty of seating for relaxing and playing games; A pool table and ping pong table of course. And the rest of the room… you will just have to wait and see!

The Gym is incredibly exciting. We currently have a small gym in our building but this is going to be much more spacious! There will be room for cardio equipment, weight lifting, and even a separate room for working out to videos. No more being self conscious about jumping and dancing around while you work out!

Construction of Everything else!

And here is a look at everything else! We have a lot of conference room space for one on ones, team meetings, and even quick pow wows. The building will have really nice finishing touches as well, including a stone wall, cement planter, lots of plants and natural light. There will be areas to relax and areas to buckle down to really get some work done. Though the construction is still pushing forward, we are getting really anxious to move into the new space.

So there you have it! As you can see, the construction is coming along. Subscribe to our blog, or keep checking back for more updates!

Clickstop Building Expansion Update… We Can’t Wait!

Clickstop Building Expansion Update… We Can’t Wait!

The building sure is coming along!

If you have been checking back regularly, you know that we are really… REALLY excited for the new building expansion. Changes are happening daily and we are pumped to start moving in. But for now, we just have to imagine what it is going to be, and wait a little longer to stretch our legs.  But good news for everyone, we can at least show the progress to our followers and give small tours to our employees to keep them in the know! So here you are, another building expansion update to keep you going a little longer.

Let’s start off with the front of the building. If you look back a few posts, you can see we have truly made a lot of progress in a month. The construction crew has been working hard to close in the building as they get key areas ready for occupancy. As you look at this photo, the front left is the grand room, and the far right is the new training room.


Check out our Clickstop Building Update!

Check out our Clickstop Building Update!

Back in October, we gave you a sneak peek into our building expansion. Well, the New Year is here and we want to show you more of the progress! So here is our Clickstop Building Update for the first week of January. Keep checking back. Now that we are getting closer to the completion of the building, we are going to have a lot of photos and exciting updates.

First of all, next time you are driving past our building, pay attention to the transformation! More steel beams are going up and the exterior of the building is starting to take shape.  The construction is happening in phases. If you split the new part of the building in sections, you have the manufacturing space expansion (completed!) the offices and department office section (getting closer) and the kitchen, training room and gym section of the building (just starting to take shape).

This is probably what you notice if you are driving north on 380. The first-floor section of this area is going to be our new training room. The Sales Team will be able to utilize this space to do group training on new products. The manufacturing team might use this to go over new safety protocols or training material.  It will be a large space for many people to meet and learn.

The part jutting out over the training room is another training room of sorts… it is our new fitness facility! That is right, we are going to have a complete gym for all Clickstop employees to take advantage of.  We will have treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, weight lifting equipment and even a separate room for people who like to do workout videos or need some quiet for yoga. The gym is one of the many features we are getting completely pumped about. (pun intended)

The second floor will also have a laundry room for all of the sweat-soaked towels and men’s and women’s locker rooms. The locker rooms will have lockers of course, but will also have restrooms and shower stalls with dressing areas. We have a lot of people at Clickstop that enjoy taking an hour during their day to workout, and now they will be able to get showered up and back to work with little hassle.


Clickstop Expansion Update

Clickstop Expansion Update

Have you driven past our building in the last year? You probably have noticed some changes going on. What you are seeing is a 53,000 square foot building expansion. Within the Clickstop expansion, we will add 20,000 sq ft to the manufacturing floor, around 50 more work spaces, quite a few meeting rooms, a gym, a cafeteria, and game room.

Have you driven past our building in the last month?

How about in the last week?

If you said yes to either of those, you probably noticed even more changes and progress that has been made on the Clickstop Expansion, and maybe you are excited to see the finished product.

We sure are.

We wanted to give everyone (including many Clickstoppers who have not had the chance to sneak over and see the progress themselves) a quick look inside our mess… I mean soon to be completely awesome building expansion.