Experience Leslie and Allen’s trip to China

Clickstop owns and operates several different brands, our biggest being US Cargo Control. The majority of our employees work under the USCC brand, doing a variety of work. From talking with customers and making sales, to picking and packing orders, we employ some incredibly talented people to make it happen. Two of those people are Leslie and Allen from the purchasing department.

Our purchasing department… well, they purchase! They are the ladies and gents behind the scenes sourcing products, filling our warehouse, and helping us find great quality items at good prices. The team works closely with all teams in the company and help keep us efficient and nimble.

Recently, two of the Purchasing employees made a trip to China to visit a few of our vendors. Leslie Lowdermilk, our senior buyer who has been here for over 6 years, and Allen DeHeck, our Customs Compliance Manager and Procurement Specialist, who has been here 8 years. (Whew! Someone is going to have to talk to Allen about shortening up that title!) Allen and Leslie were representing Clickstop while they were in China for 11 days, touring many factories and experiencing the culture.

So, we had to find out the details of this trip from Leslie and Allen. Check out what they had to say!


Meet the Creative Marketing team!

Meet the Creative Marketing team!

As you have noticed, we have some really fun and unique people working at Clickstop.

We strive to hire┬áthe best of the best in every department. Whether you are making sure our websites are working behind the scenes, like the Technology team, or you are busy sewing straps and cargo nets, each employee plays a vital role in making us a success. We have said it many times before, but it is important enough to say it again… Our employees make us who we are. You spend 8 hours a day with your co-workers. Can you imagine how long a day would seem if you hated the people you work with? Can you imagine how fast the day goes by at Clickstop?

Over the past year or so, one of our teams that has seen a LOT of changes is the Creative Marketing team. Creative Marketing is filled with really focused people who know how to make work fun. This team is behind the scenes making sure the content on US Cargo Control is up-to-date, informative, visually appealing, and most importantly – accurate. They work on USCC print material such as our flyers, postcards, and catalogs. They shoot photos and upload copy to each page. This is a busy group of women.

So, let’s meet the ladies making it happen, the Creative team!

Rachel Neve – Marketing Design Specialist – 5 years
Kerry Trenkamp – Director of Creative Marketing – 4 years
Tina Hinz – Marketing Content Writer – 1 year
Bri Else – Graphic Designer – 8 months
Amanda Morgan – Marketing Content Writer – 7 months