Amber Singer – Setting Goals and Killing it!

Amber Singer – Setting Goals and Killing it!

Clickstop employees have goals. We talk about our goals with each other, with our managers, with our families every day. We work on them, evolve them, and basically make it happen. I know if you went up to each individual in the company and asked them what their goals were, they would at least have one to tell you, whether it was personal or professional. Lots of time, they overlap. We love looking to the future and setting ourselves up for success in everything we do.

Recently, a few different people have pointed out one of our employees that has set a huge personal goal and is totally killing it. That person is Amber Singer. Amber started at Clickstop in August of 2016. She works in the manufacturing department and is one of those people who has a contagious attitude. She is always smiling, always has kind words to say to everyone, and is just a great person to be around. Amber’s number one goal at Clickstop is to continue to grow. In manufacturing she has started cross training and loves building new skills and relationships with her co-workers. Amber’s goal in her personal life is to develop a permanent healthy lifestyle. And again… she is killing it.

“I was tired of striving, I wanted to start thriving! I thought there had to be a better way to get in shape and not be hungry all the time.” said Amber.

“I was exhausted. I am only 31 years old, how can people do anything feeling exhausted all the time? I worked out, counted my calories, and ate what I thought was healthy but I wasn’t losing weight, I was a yo-yo! One day, the first shift manufacturing manager Jeremy told me about “Wheat Belly”. I did some research and everything I found just clicked. I felt it all applied to me. By the first week I was sold. I cut out bread, then corn, high fructose corn syrup, and grains. I can honestly say I feel so much better. The good out weighs the bad. I am so happy to say I have lost 19.5 lbs and I have more energy. I am motivated to keep going and I am NOT looking back. I finally have hope!”

If you see Amber in the bistro, she is preparing herself a healthy meal. You also can find her pretty much daily in the gym, putting miles on the elliptical trainer and the treadmills. She has set her goals and she is sticking to reaching them.

“My overall goal was to shed 10 lbs a month. I am not beating myself up about how fast this takes. I started this diet on April 4th, so I am pretty pumped about my progress.”

For a lot of people, the most difficult part about setting weight goals is keeping motivated to do the work. For amber, trying on her old clothes and seeing the progress helps. She also likes to change up her exercise routine to keep things fresh. Since it is getting so nice out, you can find her going on walks, or on the less nice days, swimming at the YMCA. But one of the best motivators is having a gym right at Clickstop. She finds support in her co-workers as they are working out along side her.

“Clickstop has been so supportive. From my co-workers to the fitness center, and the healthy choices in the bistro. The fresh fruit is amazing!”

Amber wants to let everyone know that if you are thinking about making a lifestyle change such as this, you can do it! She suggest setting small goals that help you reach your larger goal. And to remember to Expect Greatness in Yourself and Inspire it in Others.

“I want others to thrive and enjoy what they’re doing. Know that there is greatness in all of us, whether we are working out together or just working as a team at Clickstop! We all have greatness in us, we just need to believe it!”

Amber in the new gym, slated to open in the next month or so! This new space will help her achieve her goals.

Amber loves the support she receives at Clickstop, and the new gym will help her achieve her goals!



  1. I feel so honored thanks clickstop and Amy

  2. When I came home and found the cupboards bare of bread, oatmeal, Chicken in a biscuits, and anything… I mean ANYTHING that had any grain or wheat or flour or corn syrup whatsoever, I had a mild panic attack and hid a box of Twinkies under my mattress. Yeah, they got flattened…and I ate them anyway, don’t judge me. But with her new diet, she is having bacon like 4 times a week, we are eating steaks, she is eating sausage…so bacon, I’m on board with this…and she’s losing like a pound a day! So proud of her and ready to make the change myself. It’s funny how the one thing the government says we should eat more of appears to be that which is making us obese as a nation. I’m a believer! Did I mention bacon?! BACON! Are you serious? Finally a diet I can deal with…the BACON diet! 🙂

  3. Almost everyone here would be on board with a bacon diet too! So many of Amber’s co-workers have noticed her heightened energy and excitement for this life change. Keep up the awesome work Amber! You ROCK!

  4. Yay Amber! You go girl! You’ve always been my favorite adventure friend! You’re so active and do indeed have a contagious attitude that could never get Dull lol 😉 . Keep up the good work girl! See you at our next adventure <3


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