Clickstop Referrals – Erika, Josh, & Brenda

If you have been keeping up on our last few posts, you know we are talking about Clickstop referrals. With our 150 or so employees, there are many unique stories about how people found Clickstop, how their lives have changed, and how their careers have excelled.  Megan, Phil, & Brad were all looking for big opportunities and work life balance and found just what they wanted when they came to Clickstop. Ben, Tim, & Matt had different reasons for coming to Clickstop, but in the end they just wanted to be fulfilled in their lives and help build something great. They found that at Clickstop.

Now we have Erika, Josh, and Brenda. Erika actually referred both Josh and Brenda because she saw what they could bring to the company and how Clickstop could bring them balance within their lives. Why? Because it did for her. Josh said it perfectly when he told us that he can focus on his family because that is the type of culture that has been built here.

Check it out. Are you our next Clickstopper? Go to the careers page and apply now! We hope to see you soon.

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