Clickstop Referrals – Ben, Tim, and Matt

Every person at Clickstop has a unique story to tell, and Ben, Tim, and Matt are no exceptions. Anyone who knows these three can tell you, they are characters. Each has a goofy and big personality so it comes as no surprise that they were referred to work at Clickstop by one another.

Ben started at Clickstop in 2004. Ben was the second person in the company, helping his best friend Tim Guenther, start US Cargo Control. If anyone in the company has seen change, it is Ben. Being with the company since the beginning gives him a unique perspective on the growth the company has experienced. He knows the hard work, the excitement, and the potential we have every day. It also means that if he is telling you to apply here, you should probably listen.

Enter Tim Sanders. Tim and Ben worked together in previous jobs and knew each other quite well. Tim was in a job that he enjoyed and expected to retire from, but like I said, if Ben is telling you to apply at Clickstop you better listen. Tim was hired in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since.

Ben and Tim are quite the pair. They know exactly how to have fun at work but still be very effective in their roles. If you look back at our Youtube page, you will find them in quite a few videos.  So what happens when you add a third person into the mix? Well, it happened two years ago when Matt Bruckman was referred by Tim.

Tim knew Matt personally and could see he was unhappy in his career and told him about the great things happening at Clickstop. Matt did not require a lot of persuading. He came in for his job interview and was convinced that this was the place for him. This guy fits right in, especially if you put him next to Ben and Tim. (watch this video about Matt, you will understand)

So, who is going to be next? Check out their video, your guess is as good as ours.

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