Employee Referral Series – Bill and Lacy

Employee Referral Series – Bill and Lacy

As you have read in our previous posts, we have a lot of unique people working at Clickstop. Each employee hired was recognized for their ability to contribute not only to the company’s bottom line but also to the collaborative, outgoing and positive environment. Not every person who comes to Clickstop found us through a blog or job posting. We have quite a few people working at Clickstop who were referred by someone who was already paving their way through Clickstop. We take employee referrals very seriously because we know the teamwork that is involved with making this place great. And who would know better about hiring someone new than the people who are already here?

For this post in our Employee Referral Series, we are proud to feature Bill and Lacy.

Bill started at Clickstop in November of 2014.  Clickstop caught his attention when he saw that we were featured as one of the “Coolest Places To Work” in the corridor. He knew he wanted to be a part of a new and growing company and Clickstop fit. Bill was hired as a Customer Service Specialist and is rocking that role to this day.

Shortly after starting with the company, Bill started thinking about one of his co-workers from a previous employer. He thought the environment, work, and balance that Clickstop could provide would be really beneficial to her. She was a hard worker and he knew she would thrive here. Plus, as Bill puts it… “Who doesn’t want to work with their friends?” Enter Lacy!

Lacy has been with Clickstop since January 2015. She was hired as a Sales Specialist, thriving in that role. She is now a Business Development Account Manager and is killing it.

“It truly has been a life-changing experience for me because I am able to have balance in my life. I did not know this would ever be possible. I always thought I would have to work long crazy hours to get ahead and Clickstop has proven that wrong. Now I have time for my family and work which is truly important to me. I did not know what I was really missing out on in my life until I got it back. Not only that but I have made some lifelong connections with the people I work with. I can be myself, give my opinion respectfully… what a great feeling to be heard by the company you work for.”

Bill knew Lacy would be a great fit for Clickstop and he was right to make the referral.

So we had to know, what would Bill say to someone who is thinking about applying?

“Clickstop is a unique workplace that encourages you to utilize the strengths you have and build on them. If you are looking for a challenge and opportunity, Clickstop is the place to be. My advice is to be authentic and candid, we want to get to know the real you.”

Lacy agreed and added,

“We look for people who can take ownership of what they are doing. Someone who seeks out new opportunities on their own. Someone who is passionate about their role and the company.”

So, now that Bill has been here for over two years, and Lacy is just about to celebrate her second year anniversary, we wanted to find out if they have noticed any changes in themselves.

“I am more likely to offer suggestions for change at the workplace. Many corporate employers have structures that inhibit the ability to make changes. Clickstop is open to all suggestions. I also work in an environment of great people. I have the ability to utilize my strengths and perform at a higher level.” said Bill.

“My positive attitude when I am not at work. I am happy! I have a different outlook on life. It seems unreal but it is true.” said Lacy.

Are you interested in working for Clickstop? We want to know! Check out our careers page for more information about an exciting career at Clickstop.


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  1. I want an interview. This place looks awesome to work for.


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