New Clickstop Parking Lot Signage is Going Up!

New Clickstop Parking Lot Signage is Going Up!

If you have been by Clickstop lately, you probably have noticed the finishing touches going up inside and around the building. We have been really excited to see the little details come to life. But sometimes the things that seem little to us, makes all the difference to people coming to visit our company, and even to some of the employees around the building.  One of those things is the new signage going up in our parking lot.

Today, despite the extreme humidity, Mitch has been outside installing all of our new parking signs. (Thanks Mitch!)

We have added 4 styles of signs to the lot, reserving 15 spaces for various guests and employees.

First, and the most obvious, was our Clickstop Visitor Parking. Now when a guest comes to Clickstop, there are 8 spots reserved right at the front of the building. In the past, there as been a lot of confusion for visitors, and with these new spaces right next to the main entrance, nobody should have any issues finding the right door to go in.

Second, we have designated parking for our US Cargo Control visitors and customers. We took the logo colors, and mimicked the swoosh in the logo to help with our design. We love the look of these new signs!

Next, and very important for quite a few women in the company, we added Expecting Mothers parking! We have lost count on how many expecting mothers we have right now! But once the cold weather hits and we get our first ice storm of the season, these parking spots will be a hot commodity.

Finally, we have one parking spot left that needed assigned. The Rock Star Parking! Every quarter Clickstop recognizes one employee who goes above and beyond in their work and their involvement in our core values and code behaviors. So for a quarter of the year, they have their very own parking spot, right up front!

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We have a lot more signage to design, indoor and out. But we feel excellent about this new addition to our Clickstop campus!


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