Dream Big! Scholarship Winners Announced!

Dream Big! Scholarship Winners Announced!

Clickstop is excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Dream Big! Scholarship.

Clickstop is committed to supporting the dreams and goals of youth in our surrounding community. These students are our future talent that may someday work alongside our existing workforce. It is important that we strongly support continuing growth and the career pathways of youth; investing in our future talent is critical to the success and sustainability of our business.

“After receiving 20 applications, our scholarship selection committee was inspired.” said Sarah Watson “The students are doing exciting things in the community through activities, volunteerism, continuous learning, and overall having fun! It was a great experience to learn more about their future goals and desire to make a long-term impact in the area.”

The committee included Clickstop team members from various teams/roles in the company: Warehouse, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, and Talent Enrichment. The committee discussed all twenty of the applicants and narrowed it down to the final four. The scholarship recipients were determined based on:

  • Relation to our Core Values
  • Community involvement
  • Characteristics from their recommendation letter
  • Taking time to enjoy life and have fun!
  • Overall fit of a future Clickstop team member

The four winners are Alexa Brooker, Aspen Hepker, Emily Blake, and Rylie Conway.  Check out the winners future goals and accomplishments!


Alexa Brooker is a senior at Center Point-Urbana High School and plans to attend Iowa State University in the fall.

Alexa plans on pursuing a career in genetics after a biology class helped her discover her love for it. “I have always been amazed how everything works and I want to know more. I want to know why some people have higher chances of getting illnesses than others. I want to help people cope and find a way for them to live a longer life even with an illness.” said Alexa. To get to this point, she is going to get her masters and work as a genetic researcher. “I have been fortunate that I have had few relatives with cancer, but other families are not so lucky. I want to find genetic markers and find ways to prevent cancer, cope with pain, and live healthier lives.”

Alexa is an active member in her church, participating in the fall festival. She is also an altar server. Alexa has also volunteered at Vinton Saves the World. She coaches u13/u14 girls soccer, and is active in softball, cross country, soccer, basketball, the student council, math team, Spanish Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the National Honor Society.

Congratulations Alexa on all of your accomplishments and winning the Dream Big! Scholarship.


Aspen Hepker just finished up her senior year at Vinton-Shellsburg High School and is planning to attend the University of Northern Iowa in the fall.

“I recently had the privilege of interning with Mrs. Mathis’s 1st grade class at Tilford Elementary.” said Aspen. “That experience has reinforced my decision to follow my passion for teaching. Helping to guide young children and making a difference in their lives are my ultimate goals. I want to take part in shaping the values of our future generations and be able to impact the lives of children.”

Aspen keeps busy working with various organizations, including VPRD, Vinton Public Library, and Tilford PTO meetings. Aspen thrives on helping others but also finds value in networking and building up relationships with people in the community. She has organized blood drives, supported community events, assisted with children’s programs, pitched in to help communities overcome natural disasters, and has done fundraising and helped initiate the development of new community programs. Aspen is truly making a difference in her community.

She is also active in VS Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she is the Cheerleading Cheer Captain, is in the Treble Choir, a member of Prairie Creek Christian Church, and part of Vinton-Shellsburg FFA.

Aspen has shown through her high school career that she is enthusiastic and creative. She believes in teamwork and understands the importance of giving back.

“It is not only rewarding and strengthens my character, but it is the foundation of building a network of valuable connections. I understand the importance of family in your personal and professional life.” said Aspen. “Communication is key to successful relationships. Never stop learning and growing. Life is about achieving success, but it’s also important to have fun and make memories along the way.”

Aspen -Dream Big Scholarship Winner

Congratulations Aspen on all of your accomplishments and winning the Dream Big! Scholarship.


 Emily Blake also just finished up her senior year at Vinton-Shellsburg High School. Emily plans on attending the University of Northern Iowa to pursue a career in elementary education.

“My career goals are to attend UNI to earn my degree in elementary education and a minor in either math or science.” said Emily. “I have felt a connection to younger children for as long as I can remember and have always felt the need to volunteer and support my community. My desire is to inspire young people to become leaders by getting involved in their community.”

Emily strives to be a role model for young children by showing them kindness and promoting goodness in others. She knows that honesty, character, leadership, and enthusiasm are all traits of a successful person. “Teaching gives me the opportunity to share these important qualities to children by example. I will mirror these values that are important in making good, honorable, future leaders.”

Emily has volunteered throughout her community, within the school, and specifically with Vinton Parks and Recreation. She even started her own volunteer project for The Birthright Center of Cedar Rapids where she purchases, designs and donates baby onesies, bibs, and socks to mothers in need. She is involved in her local church,  being an altar server for the past seven years. In school she participates in band, choir, softball, volleyball, basketball, golf, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is the NHS Treasurer. She also interns at the elementary school as a teacher associate in a 3rd grade classroom.

Congratulations Emily on all of your accomplishments and winning the Dream Big! Scholarship.


Rylie Conway is a Senior at Center Point-Urbana High School and is planning to attend Central College in the fall.

Rylie has had a dream to be a teacher ever since she was little. She is going to major in Elementary Education and minor in Spanish to make that dream come true.

“I absolutely love kids.” said Rylie. “I have had previous experience working with kids during high school work experience. I worked with two different Kindergarten classes, and I loved every second if it. I didn’t hesitate to take the class again this year. I love being able to work with kids and help further their education. I cannot wait for the day when I have a classroom of my own.”

Rylie has set several goals for herself after high school, including attending Central College. She plans on being an active member of campus, and would like to be a member of the choir so she can continue her passion for singing. She also has set her goals high, planning on studying abroad. “I love Spanish and traveling, and I think it would be an amazing experience to be a part of a different culture and see their traditions.”

Rylie finds volunteering and community service to be a big part of her life and a big part of her character. She volunteers at her church and school. She has volunteered at Vacation Bible School and the church’s Fall Festival. In school she has helped organize a dance marathon with the National Honor Society where the event raised over $7,000 which was donated to the Emmalee Jacobs Foundation. She is also active in volleyball, jazz choir, large group speech, individual speech, Spanish Club, the spring play, Take Charge, and is the soccer team captain, the show choir dance captain, the student council secretary, and the National Honor Society secretary.

Congratulations Rylie on all of your accomplishments and winning the Dream Big! Scholarship.








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