Come On Down! Sharyl’s Price Is Right Experience

Clickstoppers live by our Core Values. Think Big and Make it Happen, Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect, Expect Greatness in Yourself & Inspire it in Others, Be Adventurous, Embrace & Drive Change, Promote a Winning Team Spirit, and Make Time for Fun & Family. We guard these values closely and see them every day in our work. We get excited to see employees embrace these values and help promote a collaborative experience within Clickstop.

One person who can be seen achieving and promoting these values is Sharyl Voss. Sharyl is one of our earliest manufacturing employees. She has worked in many areas of the department and  comes to work with a smile, ready to tackle the day. It wasn’t a surprise that she was presented with two tickets to see The Price Is Right Live.

“Sharyl is awesome for starters and I wanted to do something to show her that I appreciate what she does every day. Not just a gift card but an experience that would mean something to her.” said VP of Manufacturing, Scott Keeling, who surprised Sharyl with the tickets. “I heard her talking in the Bistro one afternoon with Joan – she was talking about how she really wanted to go to the show.” So Scott decided to make that happen. Describing Sharyl as a person with an “awesome attitude that inspires those that she works with,” Scott presented her with the tickets and told her to have fun.

“We are lucky to have Sharyl, she is an awesome teammate and our company and department would not be the same without her.” said Scott.

So, let’s find out what she thought of the experience!

How did you get tickets to the Price Is Right?

Scott surprised me with two tickets during our monthly Manufacturing meeting. He was in on a conversation with Joan and I in the Bistro one day and I said I would love to go but couldn’t justify the price at the time. I asked my best friend, Jane to go with me since my husband was not able to go. She was just as excited as I was to experience the chance to win some prizes or just to be going to see how they do The Price Is Right Live.

Tell us about the show. Was it as fun and exciting as you hoped it would be?

It was mind boggling to see so many people there. The show is completely different than the one out in California. They give 20 people a chance to win cash and prizes. Each game draws different names, four at a time. They bid on a prize and the winner gets on stage for more prizes (the losers get a T-shirt and a gift card). The games that were played were Plinko, Cliffhanger, Any Number, Spin the Big Wheel, Grocery Game, and then The Showcase Showdown. It was very exciting especially when they were announcing contestants. Unfortunately we did not get our names drawn.

Were there any moments that stuck out to you?

Yes. The Showcase was a great moment. There was a little old lady, probably in her late 80s or 90s that won!

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I loved seeing how it all came together and having a night out with my best friend. It was great.

Would you recommend this to other people?

If they are into game shows or like live entertainment then yes! To me this was once-in-a-lifetime  to experience this and will probably be as close to the real deal as I will get.

How did getting the tickets make you feel?

When Scott surprised me with these tickets, I was shocked but very elated about what he said about me. Clickstop is my second family and I respect everyone. We all help each other strive to do our best and to keep improving for the company to be the best.  We recognize people for their good work. We strive to be efficient and to get the product out to the customer as quickly as we can. We stand by our Mission Statement. We get the job done and still have fun. I LOVE my job!


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