Check out our Clickstop Building Update!

Check out our Clickstop Building Update!

Back in October, we gave you a sneak peek into our building expansion. Well, the New Year is here and we want to show you more of the progress! So here is our Clickstop Building Update for the first week of January. Keep checking back. Now that we are getting closer to the completion of the building, we are going to have a lot of photos and exciting updates.

First of all, next time you are driving past our building, pay attention to the transformation! More steel beams are going up and the exterior of the building is starting to take shape.  The construction is happening in phases. If you split the new part of the building in sections, you have the manufacturing space expansion (completed!) the offices and department office section (getting closer) and the kitchen, training room and gym section of the building (just starting to take shape).

This is probably what you notice if you are driving north on 380. The first-floor section of this area is going to be our new training room. The Sales Team will be able to utilize this space to do group training on new products. The manufacturing team might use this to go over new safety protocols or training material.  It will be a large space for many people to meet and learn.

The part jutting out over the training room is another training room of sorts… it is our new fitness facility! That is right, we are going to have a complete gym for all Clickstop employees to take advantage of.  We will have treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, weight lifting equipment and even a separate room for people who like to do workout videos or need some quiet for yoga. The gym is one of the many features we are getting completely pumped about. (pun intended)

The second floor will also have a laundry room for all of the sweat-soaked towels and men’s and women’s locker rooms. The locker rooms will have lockers of course, but will also have restrooms and shower stalls with dressing areas. We have a lot of people at Clickstop that enjoy taking an hour during their day to workout, and now they will be able to get showered up and back to work with little hassle.

Another area of the new building many people are very excited about is the new game room. This room is not only going to be huge, but the layout and design look awesome so far, and it is not even completed!

We have plans to add some really cool murals to the walls (possibly 80s arcade themed). When you walk into the completed game room, you will find employees taking a short break from the day, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. You may find employees staying after their shift is over to hang out with their friends and catching up on life. I can already see a Dungeons and Dragons club forming (yep, nerds and proud of it!). We want this to be a place where people can just have fun and be themselves.

So what is going in this space? The pool table will be back as will the ping pong table, which is very exciting. As for new stuff… I hear rumors of darts, skeeball, and a Wii, but I wouldn’t want to be accused of starting rumors.


Now let’s take a look at an area of the building that is almost completed. This is the new Leadership Team area. All of the VPs will be sitting in cubes instead of offices to help with team collaboration. There are two exceptions, however. The big cheese himself, Tim Guenther, will have an awesome new office, and the one and only Todd Kuennen will also have an office. However, transparency within the company will be higher than ever, and not just because the front of Tim and Todd’s offices will be made of glass.  We want all employees to feel connected to all areas of the business. No more shut doors and closed blinds. At Clickstop, we collaborate!

As you can see in the photo, the finishing touches are going in. All of that glass you see there is Todd’s office, and that little room to the left with the glass front is a small quiet space for anyone who needs to completely zone into their work with no interruptions for an hour, or for someone who needs to make a private phone call.


The last space  in today’s Clickstop Building Update is the main, cream of the crop conference room. Take a look!  Those lights are fantastic! Good find Rachel and Nicole! The finishing touches are starting to go into this room too. The paint and wall coverings still need to be finished up, the ceiling finished, the doors put in… okay okay, maybe they are not on the finishing touches yet, but as I am taking pictures, I am already imagining my co-workers around the table, hashing over the next big idea at Clickstop.

So there you have it. You can see that we are getting closer every week. We are all anxiously awaiting our grand opening and will keep you all in the loop as we get closer to the big day. And, I would like to give special thanks to the warehouse team. The majority of our furniture came in last week and the guys had their hands full unloading trucks, finding places to temporarily store the items, and still get their normal workload done. Clickstop would not be the same without the incredible teams we have out there.

Again, check back to our blog often for updates.

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