Clickstop Building Expansion Update… We Can’t Wait!

Clickstop Building Expansion Update… We Can’t Wait!

The building sure is coming along!

If you have been checking back regularly, you know that we are really… REALLY excited for the new building expansion. Changes are happening daily and we are pumped to start moving in. But for now, we just have to imagine what it is going to be, and wait a little longer to stretch our legs.  But good news for everyone, we can at least show the progress to our followers and give small tours to our employees to keep them in the know! So here you are, another building expansion update to keep you going a little longer.

Let’s start off with the front of the building. If you look back a few posts, you can see we have truly made a lot of progress in a month. The construction crew has been working hard to close in the building as they get key areas ready for occupancy. As you look at this photo, the front left is the grand room, and the far right is the new training room.

Clickstop Building Expansion Exterior

We are very excited about the Clickstop Building Expansion. The Exterior of the building is looking great!

Up next is the training room. This room is being constructed for employees to, well, train! When the sales team has new products to learn, manufacturing has techniques to go over, or if we are bringing in people for a speaker series, we will have this room. When I checked it out today, I got to see how the projector and screen works, and how easy it is to have the audio play without needing to set up a bunch of extra stuff. Having a media and communication role in the company, I was sold. This is going to be a fantastic feature to an already amazing space.

Clickstop Training Room Clickstop Training Room Construction

As we gave tours this week, we all checked out the different rooms. A few areas of the building are really close to being finished and some are in the early stages. One area that is almost done is the main office area where a few teams will sit, and a lot of conference rooms will be. In this photo, the tour is checking out the Founder’s Room. This is our showcase conference room. When we have really important guests, this is the room they will meet in. I think Joe is either intimidated or anxious… or really has to go to the bathroom? Your guess is as good as mine.

Founder's Room Tour

Joe looks anxious for the new Founder’s Room. A good anxious we hope!

The next conference room that we are close to being finished with is the Expect Greatness room. This one also has a wall covering on it which has been a hit with all of the tours. And talk about transparency! No more trying to see in a frosted window to find someone. Another really cool feature that we have on our current conference rooms that will carry over, a booking program outside of every room. Tablets will show you when a room is booked, how long, who is booked next. And if the room is free, you will be able to book it right then and there without going to outlook.

Expect Greatness Group Tours

A group inspects the new conference room.

We are hoping in the near future we can give you some finished photos of the upper level and other rooms we have not touched on yet. But for now, you can check in periodically for more updates.

Group Tours of Clickstop Building Expansion

Happy Clickstoppers ready for the big move.

Group Tours of Clickstop Building Expansion

Many Clickstoppers showed up for the group building tours.


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