Clickstop Expansion Update

Clickstop Expansion Update

Have you driven past our building in the last year? You probably have noticed some changes going on. What you are seeing is a 53,000 square foot building expansion. Within the Clickstop expansion, we will add 20,000 sq ft to the manufacturing floor, around 50 more work spaces, quite a few meeting rooms, a gym, a cafeteria, and game room.

Have you driven past our building in the last month?

How about in the last week?

If you said yes to either of those, you probably noticed even more changes and progress that has been made on the Clickstop Expansion, and maybe you are excited to see the finished product.

We sure are.

We wanted to give everyone (including many Clickstoppers who have not had the chance to sneak over and see the progress themselves) a quick look inside our mess… I mean soon to be completely awesome building expansion.


Here it is! An overall look of our progress as of October 24th, 2016.  As you can see, things are really taking shape. The back part of the expansion is the new manufacturing space, which is already being occupied by part of the team. They have plenty of floor space, storage, and men’s & women’s restrooms. And do not forget about climate control.



The front of the building, as you can see, is just starting to take shape. Right now, we are standing in the new Grand Room. Straight ahead is going to be a stage. I expect you will hear the Clickstop band playing here from time to time.



It may not look like much now, but this is going to be the new cafeteria. Of course, we are going to name it something much more interesting. We can already picture Zach cooking us some delicious meals.



And this is our new office space. This will be home to our IT department, Finance department, and Culture & Communications department. A team has been working hard to find the right furniture to fit in this space and the entire building.



We are really excited about this room. As one of many new conference rooms, this one will be the cream of the crop. The room will be themed to showcase our Founder’s Formula.



Another exciting conference room – Expect Greatness in Yourself and Inspire it in Others. This conference room’s front wall will be made out of glass so we can showcase our people collaborating. Next to it is a small  quiet room, which will also have a glass front.



Finally, our last picture (but only because there are no stairs to get to the second level yet). So, this is a hallway, but surrounding this hallway we have conference rooms and a really incredible feature wall that showcases our manufacturing space. And as you can see by this photo, the manufacturing space is big, open, bright, and quite impressive.

So there you have it. A sneak peak into our building expansion. This is an incredibly exciting time for Clickstop and as we finish up our building and continue to do great things, we invite you to check us out!



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