Rhonda Giebelstein: Communicating Openly

Rhonda Giebelstein: Communicating Openly

Rhonda Giebelstein started at Clickstop in June of 2015. She is our Customer Service Manager and brings her A-Game every day.

Last week, Rhonda was one of six recipients of our first quarterly awards recognition for employees who are living out the core values. Anyone who knows Rhonda would not see this as a surprise. She is an employee that takes the core values to heart and is seen living them out daily. In particular, Communicate Openly with Confidence and Respect.

Great communication is vital to the success of Clickstop. We strive to be great communicators; sharing information, collaborating, being respectful, honest and open – these are all signs of an employee who understands the importance of great dialog. Alex Ledger, the VP of Sales, recognizes this in Rhonda every day.

“Rhonda does a great job of Communicating Openly with Confidence and Respect! She does a great job of being proactive, and is on top of sending important updates and reminders to the team. She holds herself and others accountable. I don’t know what we would do without Rhonda, she accomplishes so much for our team.”

For Rhonda, this is almost second nature. She loves being on a team and part of a company that encourages employees to collaborate on issues. When people are willing to take a moment and discuss problems and work to find the best solution, everyone wins.

“I believe communication is the key to success in most situations.” said Rhonda. “Simply communicating is not enough though. In order to be heard and understood you ┬áhave to be sure you are being open, confident, and respectful. If you do not exude these qualities, it is likely that your audience will not hear what you have to say, and the line of communication will be hindered.”

Q1 Core Value Bombing, Communicate Openly with Confidence and Respect winner, Rhonda!

Q1 Core Value Bombing, Communicate Openly with Confidence and Respect winner, Rhonda!

Teamwork makes the dream work, and all of that starts with good communication.

Rhonda knows that like all of the core values, being successful is something that comes with hard work and dedication. Clickstop is still a young company that is changing and innovating all the time. Rhonda understands that without the willingness to share ideas and concerns with each other, we would not be able to grow the way we have.

“Luckily, the core values are not just geared toward the business. All of the values can be adapted into our personal lives as well. I think that making time for fun and family probably has the largest influence on our employees and our culture as a whole. Clickstop is a fun place to work that offers a work-life balance, and that is important to everyone. Understanding what is important goes a long way. Making sure these items are aligned will guarantee happy, dedicated employees.”

Rhonda was really excited to be the first winner of the Communicate Openly with Confidence and Respect Core Value Award.

Feeling very humbled, Rhonda felt happy and confident knowing that living out the core values does not go unnoticed at Clickstop. She also wants to encourage people not to be shy when it comes to being a great communicator. “If you have an idea or concern, share it. There is no such thing as a dumb question, so ask it. It is likely that others have the same question and are just to afraid to speak up. I know this is easier said than done, but it will get easier the more you do it. Get outside of your comfort zone!”

“The sky is the limit for Rhonda!” said Alex. “Five years from now she will be making a huge impact at Clickstop, and driving big time growth in all sorts of ways. She will be inspiring us to new levels of greatness through her words and actions.”

Check out the moment Tim surprised Rhonda with her award (an awesome custom t-shirt and $100.00!).

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