Q2 Communicate Openly Award Winner Announced!

Q2 Communicate Openly Award Winner Announced!

At Clickstop we love to recognize each other for doing great things, including living by the core values. We love seeing our co-workers step up to the plate and hold each other accountable for being the best versions of themselves.  In Q2 Summer Smith joined Rhonda as a winner of the Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect core value award.

Summer started at Clickstop just over 1.5 years ago on the Talent Enrichment team. When she started at Clickstop she worked on a little bit of everything – from engagement, to awards, and even the healthy food program. As her time at Clickstop has progressed, she has moved her focus to Community, helping grow Fuel, care for our facilities, and digging into our building expansion. Through all of her projects and initiatives, she always has had the core values top of mind, including Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect.

“Core values help define what is important to us as a company.” said Summer. “They keep everyone striving to be better and they help us see how to be great. Also, and arguably most importantly, the core values are tools to achieve great things. They guide us in how we accomplish all that we do.”

Monica, the CTEO at Clickstop, agrees with Summer completely.

“Every company has values in place whether they talk about them or not. I think it is important to name your values because it connects people to who you are and the greatest version of how you want to work as an organization. Our values are the drivers of our work style and they’re a code of conduct in how we treat each other. Without values, I think we would have a hard time coaching one another and holding each other to the high standards we have a Clickstop.” said Monica. “The most important part is that we live them. Without action and living them out, they’re just another set of words. We should never lower our expectation of greatness in living each out and must quickly recognize where we’re falling short and work hard to correct and seek excellence.”

So we asked Summer and Monica a set of questions about the core values and what they mean to Clickstop. Check out their answers!

Tell me about opportunity at Clickstop.

“There is so much opportunity here it is insane! It is important that we all speak up about what interests us and what we are passionate about. It is the best way for everyone to develop into roles that fit themselves. Fuel has been a huge opportunity and continues to be. Everyone involved has had the opportunity to Think Big, learn and grow, and create something new and exciting. It has been so fun to be involved and I cannot wait to see the growth that is going to happen in the next few years.” – Summer

What is your favorite part about working at Clickstop?

“How cliche is it if I say the people? It is the truth though. There isn’t one person who I wouldn’t want to stop and catch up with, or go out to lunch with. They are all so great! And everyone is so hardworking, they all want what is best for the company. They each bring individual strengths to the table.” – Summer

“The people and the impact we’re making. I truly love what I get to do and the people I get to do it with. We’re not just building a profitable company, we’re building a workplace that cares about people and that we all care about in return. Creating exceptional culture is up to every single person and I love that this philosophy is understood at Clickstop. The teammates I’ve met at Clickstop have grown into many close friendships and I feel fortunate to have become a better person as a result of working alongside them. I think the people here have helped me (and patiently waited for me) as I’ve slowly become a kinder, more patient and better person. I wouldn’t be where I am without the people around me at work and I can’t express how grateful I am for that.  Improving business skills and know-how is fun and enjoyable but it’s been ten times more fulfilling to improve as a person alongside so many people with such high expectations who really do care about me.” – Monica

How do you relate to the core value Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect?

“Communicate Openly with Confidence & Respect is something I relate to because I really used to struggle with it (and sometimes still do). Through coaching from many of my leaders and peers, I have learned to be courageous in my communication. We move fast here. The only way to move as fast as we do is to live out this value.” – Summer

What advice do you give to others who want to embrace the core value Communicate Openly?

“Say the hard things. Give feedback when you have it, even if it wasn’t asked for. Be clear, be concise, and be respectful.” – Summer

What are your major goals at Clickstop? How are you going to make it happen?

“There are lots of goals that I have! I want to continue to grow the community team. I want Clickstop’s facilities and grounds to create an energy that is felt by everyone. Produce a profit from Fuel through external customers and be able to provide healthy food options to the surrounding communities. I want to grow the well-being of all employees at Clickstop through many different programs and initiatives.” – Summer

Monica put it all together perfectly when explaining why Summer was a great recipient for this award.

“Summer has demonstrated in this value and many others in the way she works with those around her. She expects greatness in herself and she inspires greatness in others in her communication. She’s confidently communicates expectations of our values and respectfully holds others and herself accountable to these.  She seeks out meaningful input and perspective from others to improve herself and perseveres through difficulty by communicating effectively. She does a great job challenging herself and those around her through her communication and leaves audiences feeling supported and convicted in their shortcomings.”

Check out the video here!


Congratulations Summer!

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