Meet the Creative Marketing team!

Meet the Creative Marketing team!

As you have noticed, we have some really fun and unique people working at Clickstop.

We strive to hire the best of the best in every department. Whether you are making sure our websites are working behind the scenes, like the Technology team, or you are busy sewing straps and cargo nets, each employee plays a vital role in making us a success. We have said it many times before, but it is important enough to say it again… Our employees make us who we are. You spend 8 hours a day with your co-workers. Can you imagine how long a day would seem if you hated the people you work with? Can you imagine how fast the day goes by at Clickstop?

Over the past year or so, one of our teams that has seen a LOT of changes is the Creative Marketing team. Creative Marketing is filled with really focused people who know how to make work fun. This team is behind the scenes making sure the content on US Cargo Control is up-to-date, informative, visually appealing, and most importantly – accurate. They work on USCC print material such as our flyers, postcards, and catalogs. They shoot photos and upload copy to each page. This is a busy group of women.

So, let’s meet the ladies making it happen, the Creative team!

Rachel Neve – Marketing Design Specialist – 5 years
Kerry Trenkamp – Director of Creative Marketing – 4 years
Tina Hinz – Marketing Content Writer – 1 year
Bri Else – Graphic Designer – 8 months
Amanda Morgan – Marketing Content Writer – 7 months

Our Creative Marketing Team from left to right, Bri, Rachel, Kerry, Amanda, & Tina

Our Creative Marketing Team from left to right, Bri, Rachel, Kerry, Amanda, & Tina

What drew you to Clickstop?

The energetic work environment and flexible schedule. – Rachel

I was working for a company that had a very poor culture and as I was browsing for other opportunities, I came across a Clickstop job posting that was, in fact, a Culture role. So I applied! – Kerry

The energy is like a magnet. A friend initially forwarded the job posting. After a bit of poking around the website and watching super fun video testimonials from employees, my exact reply to her was: “I want that job at Clickstop.” – Tina

The positive atmosphere and the constant push to be better and achieve more. -Bri

Initially, I just needed a job! Once I interviewed and got talking to the people around here, I realized that this was a place where I could really see myself being happy.  – Amanda

What is the one thing you always have to explain when you tell people you work at Clickstop?

It’s CLICKstop, not QUICKstop… I don’t work at a gas station. – Rachel

No, it’s not a gas station – Kerry

Me: “Not QUICKstop. I work at CLICKstop. Like a camera click.” (cue me demonstrating an air picture with my index finger) That’s typically followed by, “Ohhhh, I’ve driven past that place along I-380! What do you even do there?” -Tina

That we don’t actually sell shopping carts. (everybody know us by the big grey building with the shopping cart logo on it.) – Bri

Exactly what our company does and how multi-faceted it is. -Amanda

What do you do in your role?

I create anything and everything visual! Whether it’s on the web or print – photos, graphics, web page design… anything. – Rachel

I lead the Creative Marketing Team by definition, but the truth is it’s an adventure every day! We regularly focus on email marketing, prospect/lead development, raising brand awareness… but there’s also days where we have craft projects and several “other duties as assigned”! – Kerry

You need it, we write it! Along with Amanda, I work predominantly for the US Cargo Control brand. We crank out email copy, product descriptions, catalog content, shipping package inserts, press releases, marketing kits, blogs, social media posts, etc. And in between all that, we squeeze in dance-offs, food days and workouts, as well as transforming our spaces for Halloween and going head-to-head in Pac-Man! – Tina

I create and produce designs for print and digital marketing materials to help the sales and business development team get more business! My PIC (Rachel) and I basically do anything graphic that anyone in the company needs to help them do their jobs more effectively. So long story short… we make things like ratchet straps and cargo nets look real pretty. – Bri

Something different every day. Some of the regular duties include writing blog posts, press releases, product copy, social media posts, e-mail marketing copy, but really Tina and I write a good variety of types of copy all the time. And maintaining a smart Pac-Man strategy is important around here. – Amanda

How does the team work together to accomplish goals?

We all have our areas of interest/expertise that we own and help each other to finish projects from beginning to end from a creative aspect. – Rachel

We share a company-wide project management tool called Wrike that keeps us on task and on time with Marketing projects. But the real basis of how we work together is collaboration. Our team consists of writers and designers but on any given day we will share the load and juggle our talents to get the most work done in the most creative way. – Kerry

Everyone bites off a chunk, and we just start chewing! Things move fast around here, and communication throughout is key. More brains are better than one, and each person brings a unique perspective during collaboration sessions. When we need all hands on deck to meet a deadline, no one hesitates to shift priorities and jump in. – Tina

A clear goal with expectations of each person is set and then we all go to work! If somebody needs extra help, we all chip in. There isn’t ever ONE single person that is carrying the load. Everybody does their part to make sure that the goal is achieved! – Bri

We each have our specialties on this team, but we all come together to come up with creative solutions and do all sorts of brainstorming. From what we can do as a company to improve truckers’ lives, to what should our next promotion entail. I feel that everyone pulls their own weight every day, and we all bring out the best in each other. – Amanda

What do you find the most rewarding about your job?

Being able to use my skills to help all departments within the company. – Rachel

Being able to see the mark you’ve left. Our work creates big impact results in gaining not only revenue, but brand recognition. – Kerry

Watching ideas come to life and seeing how completed projects positively affect the company as a whole is awesome. – Tina

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to actually see the impact we have on sales first hand. – Bri

I love the fact that there is no “dumb” idea around here. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and the fact that any idea can be put into action at any given moment. You see immediate change and action at this company pretty often, and that’s exciting. – Amanda

What is your favorite part about being on the Creative Marketing team?

I get to do what I am passionate about while learning new things all the time. I don’t like to do the same thing all of the time so getting to try new things and take on new projects is really great. – Rachel

This one’s easy… my team. I work with some of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with throughout my marketing career. They impress me with their quality and imagination every day. They make me feel like our ability as a team is limitless! – Kerry

The endless drive of folks here is contagious and pushes me daily to go outside my comfort zone and stretch perceived limits. Plus, you can’t beat being surrounded by genuine people who offer honest feedback and constantly express thanks for your efforts. With everyone willing to divide and conquer, we accomplish a lot. That’s a good feeling to walk out the door with every day. – Tina

That I leave every day feeling fulfilled, and always know that my team has my back. We trust each other completely and it is very refreshing! – Bri

I enjoy my work, and I really enjoy my co-workers. This group of people is so talented and genuinely nice. We care about the job we do and we care about each other. It sounds cheesy, but I think that makes a pretty great work environment. – Amanda

Where do you see the Creative Marketing team in 1 year? In 5?

With several new hires within the last year, we still have a lot of room to grow as a team and become a well-oiled machine. – Rachel

In 1 year I see us making some serious progress on mobile and having the systems in place to allow us to creatively make major improvements to In five years I see us as having the ability to really leverage advertising to increase our B2B customer pipeline. We will be a recognized name in the industry across all targeted channels. We’ll have a robust digital marketing strategy in place that has grown to include a heavy media component. – Kerry

In the next year, I look for us to continue growing our social media channels and email marketing campaigns. We’ve really stepped up our game in those areas, and that aggressive strategy is definitely paying off! Five years from now… gosh, the possibilities are endless! I’m still trying to wrap my head around how far this company has come in just more than a decade! – Tina

In 1 year I see us all not being pregnant anymore. But seriously, I see us all continuing to work together like a well-oiled machine with a focus on increasing our brand presence through digital marketing! In 5 years I see us having reached some pretty big goals with mobile, email, website and moving deeper into traditional advertising. Emails will be sent out daily, mobile design and experience will be top notch, and people will be able to use our team’s talents in design to help them tailor customer experience by targeting campaigns to increase sales. -Bri

Over half the team has less than a year with the company. And many of the campaigns and programs are new to the team as well. As we get to know our target industry and the products better, I see us being able to offer even better marketing ideas and solutions to our customers. – Amanda

What do you look for in a co-worker?

Someone who is fun and laid back but still takes deadlines and priorities seriously. And someone who is organized! – Rachel

Honesty and a direct approach to communication and problem-solving. – Kerry

Clickstop hires some of the most talented and motivated people I’ve ever met. Aside from trusting each other to do our jobs, I consider many of these people my friends. We share stories about our families, recipes, gym workouts, and anything and everything else! -Tina

I look for honest communication, trust, and positivity. Each person on our team has all of these characteristics. – Bri

Someone open-minded, intelligent, enthusiastic, caring, helpful and reliable. My team is full of people like this. – Amanda

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to apply at Clickstop?

Just be yourself. Clickstop prides itself on finding people who they think will truly thrive here. If you be yourself, you know you will thrive when you become one of the team. – Rachel

Understand that the advertised culture of this company isn’t the only thing that sets it apart. You’re about to ask to be employed with a very elite group of professionals who are the best of the best at what they do and how they work. Believe in yourself and your ability; be ready to learn more, grow more and be more. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime so recognize it and treat it that way from the second you apply. -Kerry

Come check us out! But be warned: Clickstop doesn’t hire just anyone, so give the opportunity everything you’ve got. Having the necessary skills on paper is only the beginning; finding a candidate who TRULY FITS is part of what’s driven the success of Clickstop’s business and culture. I am honored to work among such an elite team. I’ve NEVER been a morning person, but these folks actually make it EASY to roll out of bed every day! – Tina

I’d give them some MJ advice… “Just do it!” – Bri

Please do. Even if there’s currently not a position open in your field. Get your foot in the door and if you’re a right fit for the company, they’ll work with you to see what can be done to get you on board. – Amanda



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