Planning for Your Future – Career and College Fair

Planning for Your Future – Career and College Fair

Earlier this month, Clickstop had the opportunity to attend the Planning for Your Future – Career and College Fair; hosted by Workplace Learning Connection and Marion High School. Forty Five Workplace Learning Connection business partners and 12 colleges were in attendance, including Clickstop. 200 area high school students and their parents were able to get their questions answered and seek out career opportunities for the students close to graduating.

Clickstop was represented by Sandra and Summer. Sandra works on our Manufacturing team and Summer is part of the Talent Enrichment team. So, let’s find out what they thought of the experience.

Clickstop at Planning for Your Future Career Day

Summer and Sandra getting ready to speak to students at Planning for Your Future

What did you think about your experience at career day?

Sandra: I thought it was awesome! It was the first one I have been to with a company and enjoyed it a lot. We had some pretty great students who asked really well thought out questions and         seemed really interested.

Summer: It was wonderful! The event was very well organized. The students and parents were very engaged and interested in learning about Clickstop. We got asked some great questions and had some awesome conversations.

What advice would you give students who will soon be entering the workforce?

Sandra: I think the best advice given to any high school student or anyone about to enter the workforce is to find something you truly enjoy and to find a company you enjoy working for. The more engaged and connected you are with your company, the more fun and awesome work is going to be. On average, we spend about 30 percent of our life working, so it’s important to find something you’re going to enjoy doing.

Summer: Be curious and be honest. Ask lots of questions, businesses love to see people who are curious and engaged  in what the role is and what the company does. Remember that an interview is two sided; you should be evaluating if the organization is a fit for you, just as they evaluate if you are a fit for them.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying at Clickstop?

Sandra: Be sure to look at and know our core values and our code. Be sure that Clickstop is going to be the right fit. We want to find not only the perfect fit for our company, but for you as well.

Summer: Be yourself. We are looking for people who naturally operate within our values. Be enthusiastic. We are looking for people who want to drive change and create momentum, so seeing applicants that get excited over the task at hand shows the kind of enthusiasm we are looking for.

What type of people does Clickstop look for when hiring?

Sandra: We look for people who are not only going to be incredibly hard working employees but who also follow the code and core values. These factors are important within Clickstop and we want people who value them as well.

Summer: At Clickstop we look for people who align with our values and code, which are extremely important to us. Values coupled with high achievers makes for very fun and fulfilling work!

What is the most rewarding thing about working at Clickstop?

Sandra: The most rewarding thing about Clickstop for me, is knowing there are endless opportunities for those who want them. Clickstop isn’t a company where you have to stay doing the same thing for the rest of your career. If you want to pursue other opportunities they support you 100%.

Summer: Do I have to pick just one? I would say being able to work alongside so many passionate people who are driven to be excellent at what they do.

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