Employees Compete in the 2017 Winter Olympics

Employees Compete in the 2017 Winter Olympics

Clickstoppers competed in the annual Clickstop Winter Olympics last week.

And let me tell you, it was a really fun event. All Clickstop employees were invited to form teams of four and compete in four separate Olympic events. We had 8 teams compete.

Team USA – Nick, Carson, Nate, and James
Team Antarctica – Chris, Jake, Troy, and Seth
Team Germany – Lacy, Eric, Brennan, and Sean
Team Norway – Jenny, Jamie, Dale, and Grant
Team Italy – Whitney, Harley, Alicia, and Brenda
Team Ireland – Jon, Phil, Leilani, and Kara
Team Seychelles – Tom, Tammy, Monica, and Scott
Team North Korea – Cody, Cory, Zach, and Casey

The Olympic events were all things that any fitness level could do.

However, unfortunately for us, there really wasn’t anything to do outside because we were lacking the most important part of the Winter games… the snow. In the past, we have done snow digs, writing in the snow with water guns, sled pulls, and other fun activities. But since we have had a mild winter (no complaints here!) the Thrive committee had to get creative. So all of our events were held in the low traffic area of the warehouse, and we tried to make them as fun as possible, sans snow.

The Paper Clip

This game was all about dexterity. As a team, put together the longest chain of paper clips in 1 minute. Most teams decided to make chains individually, and then when the time was close to being up, they combined them together. After the first round, the scores were as follows…

  • Ireland – 60
  • Italy – 54
  • USA – 51
  • North Korea – 48
  • Antarctica – 47
  • Seychelles – 47
  • Germany – 46
  • Norway – 45

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The Clothing Race

The Clothing Race seemed to be a favorite among the teams. The idea was pretty simple. The teams split so two were standing on one end and two on the other end of the “field”. As soon as the time started, the first person had to put all of the clothes on that were sitting in a bin. Once all the clothes were properly on, they had to run down to the other end, and take the clothes off. As soon as the clothes were in the bin, the next team member started throwing on the clothes to race back. They had to wear a baggy pair of jeans, a vest, a winter jacket, a scarf, belt, and bike helmet. The times were as follows…

  • North Korea – 2:12
  • Seychelles – 2:31
  • Norway – 2:43
  • Italy – 2:46
  • Antarctica – 2:57
  • Ireland – 3:13
  • Germany – 3:15
  • USA – 3:36


The Hula Hoop

The Hula Hoop was also a great one, because we had a lot of big laughs. Anyone who has ever heard of a Hula Hoop should be able to guess how this one went. Every team member got the chance to try to hula hoop for 30 seconds. The team’s total time was then added up. The times were as follows…

  • Seychelles – 36 Seconds
  • Norway – 35 Seconds
  • USA – 16 Seconds
  • North Korea – 15 Seconds
  • Italy – 14 Seconds
  • Germany – 12 Seconds
  • Ireland – 9 Seconds
  • Antarctica – 7 Seconds

The Curler

The final game was arguably the most difficult. Curling! It was accomplished with products from our warehouse; moving dollies and a corner protector extension handle. It was very easy to not push it far enough. But with the best of two rounds for each team, almost all managed to scrape together some points.

  • USA – 120 points
  • Norway – 90 points
  • North Korea – 90 points
  • Antarctica – 60 points
  • Germany – 60 points
  • Ireland – 60 points
  • Italy – 15 points
  • Seychelles – 0 points

We had a tie!

After all of those games and points, we still had a tie. The final two teams competed in a tic-tac-toe race and the winning team was North Korea. Congrats to Cody, Cory, Zach, and Casey. They each received two tickets to a Rough Riders hockey game.

Olympic Winners







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