About Us

Who we are and what we do

We’re a multi-brand merchant serving diverse markets with a company focus on great workplace culture.

We’re a company young in personality, spirit and age. What began in 2005 with what is now our flagship website, US Cargo Control.com, has grown into operating another seven additional websites, selling a range of products from ratchet straps to organization supplies.

We channel our youthful tenacity into identifying new markets, discovering how to best relate to our customers and offering the products they want. Our guiding principles are really quite simple: we listen, we learn, and we respond.

Customer satisfaction – we stand behind our products

If our customers aren’t happy, we’re not happy. We go so far as to refer to this guarantee as our Happiness Policy, and we want to talk with anyone who thinks something isn’t right or should be better.

Over the years we’ve had a few people tap into that guarantee. That’s okay with us; we’d rather they be happy with their selection and have it fit their needs completely. We’re not in business for as many one-time sales as we can collect. Sure, we have a business to run. But we believe the long-term viability of our business will come from serving customers with integrity and courtesy. To us, return business and positive word-of-mouth mean much more than some fine print.

We mean business

Building a business like ours is an iterative process; our web properties are never “done.” We’re always testing designs, messages, and strategies. It’s important to deliver intriguing offers and relevant products to create a positive online shopping experience. There are other components, too, like a pleasing visual design, easy user experience, offering the best products, and attractive pricing. Trust us when we say our work is rewarding, as well as deeply involved.

It’s our hope that the best up-and-coming talent Eastern Iowa has to offer thinks we’re pretty cool, too. We believe that good, innovative work and a positive culture can provide the best environment for people to grow, develop, and accomplish big things. Where we aim, we aim big.

Our team vision- the road ahead… and beyond

Part of knowing where you need to go is staying in touch with what you’ve learned. At Clickstop, we’ve learned how to hustle, and we’ve learned how to stay a few steps ahead of the competition by thinking smarter, being resourceful and taking nimble leaps. We keep our eyes on the market, the competition, and our suppliers at all times. Pair that with diligence in tracking what’s new and critical in the online search landscape and you have a team that is always busy and engaged.

The company we keep

Clickstop is a member of the National Federation of Independent Businessmen, the guiding light of small business for over 60 years. We’re also members of the Entrepreneurial Development Center Inc., which has provided the company with some support as we look to scale the business.

Our employees are active in a number of professional organizations including the Cedar Rapids Advertising Federation, Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization and Information Systems Security Association. In their personal time, several generous souls serve others through groups like the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children and Boy Scouts of America.

President Tim and his wife Nicole support youth baseball and softball programs in the neighboring town of Vinton. Together they lend their time to help organize players and coaches and raise funds to give local kids the opportunity to learn valuable life skills like teamwork and good sportsmanship.

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