Clickstop Culture

We’re a different kind of company

There are no TPS reports or autopilot.  No employee badges or guardians of the office supplies closet. Forget the lunch sign-out sheet and parking in the back forty.  Definitely lose the tie and hose, we have no use for them here. Without all those things, we manage to do a whole lot more.  Pretty radical thinking, huh?

Ping pong games, fun Friday videos, and a jeans-every-day dress code are as much of a part of the Clickstop culture as the passion, drive and flexibility that has gotten us to where we are today. Yeah, it’s good to be us.

Lots of companies throw around the word “culture,” but we’ve found it can be a tough thing to describe unless you’re a part of it. Or at least see it in action:

What’s Important to Us

A job well done. Challenges met. Goals accomplished. That’s all well and good, but we also believe it’s important to do these things outside the walls of Clickstop too. Because we know we wouldn’t be here without the support the community has given us. That’s where Clickstop Cares comes in. Whether it’s through volunteerism, financial assistance or educational initiatives, we make it a priority to bring Clickstop’s values to life in our communities. We’ve helped families facing unique struggles and schools in need of new technologies. And we’re just getting started.

Core Values: Our backbone

When we set out to define our own Core Values, we knew it was a defining moment in our company’s history. They wouldn’t be just words on a plaque, wall or document to be read and forgotten. They would be lived out daily because they are, who we are. And most importantly they would be a blueprint for fulfilling our Mission Statement.

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